Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pete Yurkowski Famous Quotes

Pete Yurkowski

She's like the dog that keeps escaping the fence in the backyard. Eventually you just gotta shoot it.

  •  Abi Keeps starring at me, and I think that's gonna be a big advantage. She definitely looks like she's ready to play some evil games. She's pretty hot she can definitely do some damage.
  • (About Skupin) Mike's a complete mess. It's not funny that he gets hurt, but it's funny that it happens over and over again. I mean We really haven't got to any situations where he can seriously get injured but I mean we'll see when we have fire what happens.
  • You're lucky that I trust you because now I don't trust RC.
  • I'm looking like I'm not paying attention but I'm paying attention to everything that's going around me. I'm like on surveillance, I'm just sitting there I'm listening.
  • Feel like an alliance is only as strong as the day it was made.
  • I like Lisa, I don't see any problem with her. She's someone later in the game that I'm easily gonna be able to get rid of.
  • All I need from you is when I tell you to vote for somebody to vote.
  • Abi found the hidden immunity idol right on top of the bag of the rice. Which is really a good thing because she is basically my right hand man.
  • So I'm thinking I can definitely get Artis and Lisa to do whatever I want, so it’s gonna be a lot easier to get rid of Mike and neutralize RC.
  • I feel like I'm in a very very very good position in this game and I plan on creating a lot of chaos out here, and any chaos I create is gonna be beneficial to me.
  • RC didn't do anything, I was the one who put it there. (About the clue)
  • This couldn't have gone any better, this is amazing, I think it's hilarious. All you have to do is create a little chaos because keeping people on their toes is a big part of my strategy. I don't want anybody to be able to play their game, I want them to play my game.
  • I would love to send RC home right now, I don't trust RC as far as I can throw her, she's dangerous, but she has one big problem. I'm here.
  • When I saw Malcolm unwrap that yellow buff. I was ecstatic, I was always kinda wary about getting rid of Mike, but now we have another strong guy, probably even stronger guy. And he's probably not as stupid.
  • We haven't really had much to eat specially since Mike decided to eat all of our rice ressource by eating it dry. He thinks it cooks in your body because it's pretty close to a hundred degrees, so Mike makes horrible decisions, he's the most useless player that's ever been returned to Survivor and he needs to go home.
  • The tribe intention when we first landed on this island was to go Tandang strong. That's impossible because RC is someone who would never let that happen. And Skupin really doesn't have a brain of his own. He does whatever RC tells him to do.
  • Abi’s got a big mouth. When Abi leaks information, that’s very dangerous. So, it's like the puppy you have to take care of.
  • Abi is kind of immature. She thinks that everybody is out to get her and I wish I could vote her out but I know if she's in the final three, she’s not getting any votes.
  • This whole entire plan of getting rid of Malcolm and this information of him having the idol. I got completely blindsided by that, because I actually kinda trusted Malcolm.
  • This plan right now is Lisa’s plan. Is it a good plan? Is it a plan that's actually going to be effective because Malcolm does have an idol and Malcolm is playing two sides? I don’t know.
  • Malcolm freaked out. I mean that right there was enough of a reaction to just kinda know, to look in his soul and know that he doesn’t have the idol. So, I don’t really know what Lisa is trying to pull here.
  • Playing the mastermind role is definitely very hard work. It's not easy and you never really know you're the mastermind. It’s just right before tribal when you really figure out that do you really have everybody and if it’s solid.
  • Where'd you guys dig?
  • It’s really ironic that someone I wanted to get rid first or second throughout the entire game, now I am forced to work with.
  • That's what happens when you fall asleep at the wheel.
  • I just need a couple of hours just to relax, think about everything and figure out what my next move is.
  • I'm smart and I'm fit and those are two things that with food it's like a boost.
  • After last tribal, the whole game turned upside down. I went from the top of the pecking order all the way to the bottom.
  • We'll be pitching this get rid of Malcolm idea to everybody, especially Skupin. He's kind of ditzy, he doesn't think before he does things, he just jumps into it so I think he could be turned easily.

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