Thursday, January 17, 2013

Jeff Kent Famous Quotes

I don't need the million bucks but I sure like to be the soul survivor.

  • I'm Jeff Kent, I played 17 years of Major League baseball.
  • I'm hoping people won't recognize me.
  • You know I had surgeries on my knees. Getting on the sand and walking around right now my knee want to buckle on the inside.
  • I'm a fan of the show for a long time and I want to play the game.
  • I'm struggling a little bit in this weather. But I've played baseball for seventeen years and you know survivor is gonna be a long season for me. I'm up for the challenge.
  • The way things are going with my knee sitting around watching the rain fall could be good for me right now. I'm making sure I take care of my knee and making sure I get enough energy so my team can win.
  • If that piece is the idol.. I bet Jonathan has it.
  • How stupid are we?
  • I'm pissed off and absolutely not at Jonathan. I mean I give him props. It was in our face! We touched it, we looked at it, we weren’t even curious about it and that’s a pure veteran move.
  • I’m still ticked off that I let the idol slip right between my eyes.
  • Obviously you want to get ahead in the game, and I want to too, you know? And if it means I gotta ride in your boat cause you got some power and you got some knowledge on how to go forward then I ride in your boat for a while.
  • Jonathan expressed to me that he had the idol. I'm happy he approached me. I’ll try to befriend him a little bit and try to forge a better relationship. I got to figure out what’s gonna be best for me. This is a me game, this isn’t a we game.
  • At the end, we wanted to cut a deal with a handshake so I gave him a four finger handshake, not a manly shake, not a five finger handshake. If I’m not so committed. In my book if it’s not a manly shake, it’s not going to count.
  • We've got a really young group of kids that aren't married, that don't know how to carry a professional conversation. Jonathan can do that and he's trying. The guy is trying.
  • From the get go when we had Jonathan on our raft. I've always had an idea that it doesn't matter if it's Russell or Jonathan or Skupin, I didn't want a veteran to win this game, but I've got to adapt, Jonathan has the idol now and I want to get further in this game, so we're gonna have to make some adjustments.
  • Right now it comes down to who's gonna hold the most value in the challenges for us, Denise is stronger than Dawson and Katie.
  • Dawson starts talking a lot of sports, so I’m walking on egg shells right now. Because right now I’m having a good time with these people just being normal, and I am normal. That's what I am, I used to be a ball player, no problem about it, but I'm normal, this is here, just like them trying to do the same thing. But if they end up putting two and two together, I’m in trouble.
  • If Dawson knows my history as an athlete, the best scenario might be just to vote her out.
  • It was a great moment to see all that food on the table, but the fact that we just don't have rice is probably gonna wear on us in a couple of days.
  • In the middle of that, we realized that on table off the side there are little envelopes with our names on them.
  • Penner and I have an alliance, but I'm still on the fence right now, I still don't know which way I'm gonna jump.
  • I've come in this game knowing I'm gonna have to lie and knowing that I'm gonna have to jeopardize my integrity and character, I’m still weighing my options. All of them have to do with furthering myself in this game.
  • You don’t know whether you’re gonna strike out or hit a home run, but you go up to the plate to swing the bat.
  • This game sucks, Jeff.
  • Tribal tonight was chaotic, Boy, I was so close to letting Penner going but I'm thinking Penner is gonna help me out.
  • I'm hoping I made the right choice, We're two guys taking a shot in the dark at each other, and there's going to come a time and a place and i hope i can get to him first before he gets to me.
  • I believe that a veteran player shouldn't be winning this game. Penner has always been my priority since day one and now that I am on a team with Penner and Skupin, I have two priorities.
  • As long as we don’t talk about baseball, maybe I’m safe.
  • I'll join any game as long as I can get Penner out before I get out.
  • I’m on a cross roads. I’m either going with veterans players that I don’t want them to win this game and try to ride them out, or I’m gonna go with the Tandang tribe and vote Penner out of here but then I’m on the bottom.
  • If you treat baseball with disrespect, you gonna get bit in the ass and I know that if you treat this game with disrespect you’re gonna get bit in the ass too so, you know with all humbleness, I say that the decision on who goes home tonight is gonna be heavily based on which way I go and who I carry over to the other side. I got to make sure that I protect myself because whatever move I make, it’s not gonna sit well with either tribe.
  • I gave up a lot of power and authority when I voted with Tandang tonight, but that's how I'm gonna work myself to the top. I'm gonna use Tandang against themselves, use every resource that I can. See where it goes from there.
  • Pete, Artis and Abi are all a team thinking that they're running the game. It would be fine to break that up.
  • Lisa, she’s so naive and so soft and so nice, but we might be able to jump on board with each other, maybe you know carry this thing into a flip scenario where we flip ourselves from the bottom to the top.

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