Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Tony's Spy Shack

Tony Vlachos' Spy Shack. I still love this idea, one of the best!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Survivor History: Parvati Playing Two Idols

One of the most memorable tribal council ever. Parvati Shallow playing two hidden immunity idols to protect the villains, one for Sandra Diaz Twine and one for Jerri and blindsides J.T. and the remaining heroes tribe.

A sweet love letter to J.T. from Parvati, and Russell Hantz looking confused :)

Monday, September 9, 2013

Rupert Boneham Famous Quotes

Rupert Boneham Famous Quotes
When I got to those stairs I was done, we sit the sucker down, and I needed to rest. The other team Morgan came up and sat their stuff down next to us, and all left. This is definitely a pirate adventure. Pirates pillage, pirates steal, pirates take advantage.

  • I love being in the middle of a gigantic fish tank. I love being able to go out and a couple of hours bring a sack of fish home.
  • It's like high school, the pretty boy jackass idiots all gotta pick on me.
  • Theses guys work very hard at not working, they fight, and argue and bicker and bitch and mocks each other so much.
  • He needs bandages, he's hurt. (About Balboa the snake)
  • I'm very irritated with Shawn, I want him off my island and out of my adventure.
  • Who the hell voted for me, who the hell voted for me. Jon, who the hell voted for me?
  • I was ready to kill Jon, literally.
  • Jonny Fairplay is Jonny pain in the ass now to me.
  • I portrait a very strong and independent person, but in my head I'm that fat little terrified kid that was picked on at school all his life.
  • Night time is my one bad time. If I can go just 39 days and never have to sleep, I will make this beautifully, but night time is killing me.
  • At night out here, I start thinking about family. That's when I miss my family.
  • I love being the baddest hunter out there.
  • I never give up, I never surrender, I never admit to fear.
  • I can not believe that. (When Voted out of Pearl Islands)
  • I'm a thrilled pirate, I'm blackbeard, happy happy happy.
  • I'm the new guy on the block, all of these people know each other. Right now I'm just trying to stand back and let all of these egos decide what we do and I'll be the worker bee. New strategy for a new game.
  • Rudy is a man of few words but from what I've gathered he's a man of honor. If he and I stick together, we can just make it through the first few days, we'll stick together through the end of the game.
  • You know there is a little piece of me that says why in the hell did I come back here. I got to think about my wife and my daughter. I did this for Laura and Rhea. Maybe I can do better this time.
  • Oh my God, I'm getting excited.
  • I thought I was an outdoor man, and I am, with a lighter.
  • Rudy is most definitely a hero, more so that any person here, he deserves to be here.
  • I like being the fisherman, I know he wants to be too, but it can't be a competition between he and I, it will just hurt his emotions, it will hurt the whole camp.
  • If we can keep this harmony up, we will be a strong little tribe. Even though we're little, we're gonna be mighty.
  • The stupid shelter that I've built is destroyed!
  • Digging into the sand is the dumbest idea that I've ever had in my entire life, and we paid dearly for it tonight.
  • We all feel at least a hundred percent better than yesterday morning.
  • Sometimes I really like Boston Rob, other times I see him an arrogant pain in the ass.
  • My little Jenna had the nerves to bitch at me about putting one of my fish on the grill. She's just getting really a pain in the ass, and I'm very sorry that I have an alliance with her.
  • They wanna keep eating, they let me use the damn spear
  • The weather is terrible and it rains everyday, the shelter is pitiful and it leaks everynight, everyone of us stinks like rotten dogs.
  • Paranoia will destroy ya.
  • My fate rests on the honor of a twenty six years old single momma who really, really wants to win badly (about Jenna).
  • My emotions control what I do, in this game or out of this game. It's all I got, it's who I am.
  • Today was a very tough day, it was very high and very low. Coming home without the necklace and then being told that the game might be changing for you. Those were pretty big lows.
  • I came out here to take care of myself and everyone around me.
  • I shared I cared and I actually had fun.
  • In my world, I've always tried to show that good will win.
  • I know the game is going, I'm finally back in the game.
  • It's good to be a hero.
  • Being able to get out in the ocean, that's where I feel most comfortable.
  • To the fantastic five.
  • I think I'm the strongest of all eleven of us still left out here.
  • We're all winners, we're all all-stars, we're all something good and positive, why do you have to keep the villain attitude, but I guess that's what villains do.
  • This is where the game gets crazy.
  • I cannot wait to start voting some of these villains out of our camp.
  • I knew we shouldn't have trusted that ****.
  • The guy is a piece of garbage (About Russell Hantz).
  • Colby and I are standing up on a sinking ship right now, there are no other heroes.
  • Even though I don't have the idol, maybe I can play like I do, I've stuck me a rock in my pocket, making it look little dangly, little big, this isn't my first day in survivor.
  • Maybe I'm not destined to win survivor, I thought I had this one, but I'm proud of the way I played this game.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Malcolm Freberg Naked?

Due to the huge request from people asking to see Malcolm Freberg naked, I finally decided to give the people what they want, and bring you the ultimate blog of all time.

Of course everything is for free, because I'm nice just like that and I like sharing the bounty. Which is why I decided to provide you with a lifetime opportunity and show you what others wouldn't show you. Why keep it a secret when we can all enjoy it?

So, without further ado, I bring to you..... Bahahahaha, just kidding, there are no nudity whatsoever, it's just the fact that many people keep landing on my blog from google with the following keywords:
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And since I'm very bored right now, I decided to write this blog and have some laughs. I hope you're still reading because I know I'm enjoying this.

However, I'm going to be nice and post some of Malcolm's shirtless pictures for all of you desperate people. You can thank me later.

Survivor Malcolm Freberg

Malcolm Freberg

Survivor Caramoan Malcolm Freberg

Malcolm Freberg Survivor Naked

Survivor Malcolm Freberg and RC Saint Amour

Survivor Malcolm Freberg Jumping

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Stealth R Us Organization

Stealth R Us
Phillip Sheppard The Specialist,
John Cochran The Intelligence Attache,
Malcolm Freberg The Enforcer,
Andrea Boehlke The Eliminator,
Corinne Kaplan The Dominatrix,
Dawn Meehan True Grit.