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Survivor Philippines Episode 14 - Quotes

Survivor Philippines Episode 14 - Quotes

Mike Skupin Quotes:

  • Second or third at this stage of the game means nothing to me.
  • Survivor says outwit, outplay, outlast. There's nothing in there that says out-keep your word.
  • Getting rid of Abi, it's the best feeling I've had since I've been out here. It sucked life out of you having her here.
  • I mean, I'm not happy for her loss. I'm just happy for our peace.
  • I have to step outside the game for just a minute and look at it from an outside observer in order to truly make the decision on that.
  • I think I can beat Malcolm. And I think I can tell a pretty good story at the end.
  • I just have to keep my cool and figure out who I wanna sit next to in the final three, because that's the million-dollar question right there.
  • We can't control jury votes but we can control where we sit.
  • if I want to control the outcome of the game, I have to have immunity in my hand so I can create the final three instead of just falling into the final three.
  • Being medevaced from this game, it just leaves a little hole inside.
  • This win means I made it to the very, very, very end.
  • What I'm most proud of is the fact they all said the same thing, Malcolm is going to win. It turns out it was not even close.
  • There's a weird, instinctive, primitive side of me that says go against the best. Go against the best. Go against the best.
  • I would love to take Malcolm and beat him straight up man to man, two warriors, fought to a head. He won three individual challenges. I won three individual challenges. What a great head-to-head battle that would be.
  • Twenty Three seasons I watched this game. And I've always wondered if I could play this whole game strategically enough to get myself in the final three.
  • I knew I could make it to the end twenty three seasons ago. When I came out here, I tried to tell myself the same thing. But thought of doubt kept creeping in because every time I got around a campfire I thought, don't fall in this sucker.
  • I'm here, and it feels good to be here.

Denise Stapley Quotes:

  • I am one stubborn, determined woman. And if I can make it happen, I'm gonna make it happen.
  • The taste of blood is in the water. I'm gonna make it happen.
  • I need to figure out a plan and figure it out fast.
  • The problem is Skupin is kind of the dreamer guy. His mind is going a thousand different places and he may not always see the repercussions.

Malcolm Freberg Quotes:

  • It's go big or go home time for me.
  • Whenever somebody wants to go out with a bang in this game they tend to throw me under the bus with compliments of all things.
  • The amount of damage control I have to keep doing after someone blows up at tribal council is getting ridiculous.
  • You know, you think about this for so long, even before we hit the beach on day one, and to actually get here now, it's exciting.
  • We are going to do the fallen comrades today, where you pay respects to everyone who has fallen before you in the game.
  • Angie was my sleeping buddy.
  • Poor girl, all she wanted was some cookies.
  • The minute I get nervous around a girl or anything my hands starts to shake just a little bit and then when I saw my hands start shaking it got worse and worse and worse.
  • This is the first time in a long time in this game I haven't been calling the shots.
  • I was close with Angie on day one and had to cut her throat earlier than I had to consider getting rid of Denise.
  • I had them so driven to finally play the game and see the threats and they finally saw me as a threat.
  • I'm pissed off that I'm not going to be at the end. Right now, it's painful for a lifelong fan.

Lisa Whelchel Quotes:

  • Battling Malcolm with an advantage. Forget it.
  • Malcolm is the kind of guy who will put his arm around you, and stab you. Then visit you at the hospital the next day.
  • sometimes Skupin is not that level headed.
  • Handing the title of sole survivor on a platter to Malcolm would just be stupid.
  • Everybody who signed up to play this game came to win. And I did, too.
  • This isn't tree mail. This is tree meal.
  • I left show business, got married, raised my kids, and that was a thing of my past.
  • On the "facts of life" I had a role. I had a script. I played a character. I didn't have to worry about me. I didn't really realize how much of your heart and your soul and your spirit and your body are involved in this game, that your head is just a little bitty part of it.
  • This is just a rare privilege, and I'm very aware and humbled that I get to experience something so incredible.
  • I know it wasn't a pretty game. But I learned, I grew, and I'm proud of the final game that I played at the end.

Jonathan Penner Quotes:

  • I gave blood, sweat, and tears for this game.
  • I know what's going on tonight is hard. Smart people asking tough questions. I will hope to continue that tradition.

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