Saturday, January 5, 2013

Denise Stapley Famous Quotes

Denise Stapley - Survivor Philippines

I am one stubborn, determined woman. And if I can make it happen, I'm gonna make it happen.

  • I'm a licensed sex therapist so being a therapist I'm really curious about Zane because at first you go God this kid is trouble but then, you look closer and you go ok wait a minute look closer at those tatoos, he's lost somebody, there's a death date of somebody on his arm and he's got the  serenity prayer on his hands, so part of me is kinda of hoping this guy's got some story and if nothing else I'm curious about his story.
  • I don't pray for anything. Anything that's gonna get me to the end of the game it's gonna be me.
  • We have another challenge coming up, and not once does my mind go to "God help me win this challenge". No! Dig in, Dig deep and make it happen.
  • "Close" doesn't keep us out of tribal.
  • Please don't be blinded by the headlights. 
  • It’s a numbers game, I feel much stronger having Russell because we have to win a challenge.
  • Russell couldn't climb a ladder. Maybe he needs to go home.
  • Having three people on the tribe at day nine, this is not what I've visioned at all.
  • At college I did have roommates, and we had three, and with three there is always one that's out.
  • Right now we're trying to get Russell to think that he's the swing or to think that he's comfortable so that if he does have a hidden immunity idol he doesn't play it.
  • Yes I'm a Midwesterner. Yes I have faith in human beings. I have to. That's what I hang onto. And if I get bamboozled tonight, it's not gonna shake my faith that these are two good guys.
  • We don't know what's gonna happen now that we're down to two. Maybe it's gonna be like a reshuffling of the deck, but the immunity idol is still here and so we started looking all over.
  • Just to be in a new family and in a new tribe is great. And trying to kind of blend in with my new family, trying to figure out what my roll gonna be.
  • I'm just really glad to be part of this tribe. I really am.
  • I'm a part of a tribe that has lost again. It's heartbreaking.
  • I don't know if they are gonna go loyalty or if they are gonna go logic.
  • Coming at this reward, it's motivational fuel, it's emotional fuel, that makes any rice that we gave up totally worth it.
  • My plan is to stick with the alliance that I've got going with Kalabaw, but at the same time, I truly would like to go back to my original alliance with Malcolm. 
  • They are a pretty positive group that has meshed together well. It was nice to be with them.
  • Every crack is an opportunity.
  • The goal tonight is to get rid of one of the original Tandang members. Break that little empire up and then really continue to just turn this game. The plan very much hinges on Skupin and Lisa. If we can’t get the numbers, Jonathan is going home.
  • You have lost your freaking mind, girl.
  • Whiners are wieners. You need to go home.
  • In this game I'm not gonna bring a type of person with me so I can win by default. It's like bringing someone to a poker game that's never played poker just so you can steal their money.
  • Abi is the one going next, unless she miraculously wins immunity, which I doubt, I highly doubt it.
  • There's meat, there's some carbs. I want it.
  • I think what was perceived as brutal was simply a group of people whose tolerance had just reached their maximum.
  • It is not a cultural thing. It's her personality.
  • It's this histrionic dramatic passive aggressive martyr. It's not culture, it's the culture of Abi.
  • It's going to be a painful afternoon. It's like the first date with the kid who, like pulled your hair all time in kindergarten, or spit in your lunch, and all of a sudden you're on a date.
  • I want to hang myself, gouge my eyes out.
  • If I could have like needles that just go right into my eardrums I would be good for the afternoon.
  • Abi is the perfect person to take because you want to bring somebody who truly hasn't outwitted, outplayed, and outlasted.
  • I'm here for a million dollars, thank you.
  • The taste of blood is in the water. I'm gonna make it happen.
  • I need to figure out a plan and figure it out fast.
  • The problem is Skupin is kind of the dreamer guy. His mind is going a thousand different places and he may not always see the repercussions.

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