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Survivor Philippines Episode 13 - Quotes

Survivor Philippines Episode 13 Quotes

Lisa Whelchel Quotes:

  • Carter is just one of the nicest guys you'd ever want to meet.
  • I don't believe Abi for a second, but I need Abi close whether we keep her or she goes to the jury.
  • That is the relationship I have with Abi. It's one to use her for my best game plan.
  • I do believe I'm taking control of my destiny, but part of taking control of my destiny is waiting to the right time to make my big move.
  • We dove in like navy seals, and the guide grabbed my hand, and he points. And then out of the blue, I mean literally, poof. This humongous whale shark appears. And it's so big it never ends. It just keeps swimming and keeps swimming, keeps swimming.
  • Since my brother came out, he really did kind of recalibrate me. And tonight's decision for me is based purely on strategy, purely on planning out all the different scenarios, which tradeoff is gonna cost me the most, and which tradeoff is gonna reward the most.

Mike Skupin Quotes:

  • I think you thought you were gonna here but I think you thought you were gonna be here with very different people.
  • She announces with trumpets that "I'm going into the wood for a while."
  • Remember my last chopper ride?
  • Bigger than this game, Malcolm gave my boy something that will last me a lifetime, way longer than pizza will,and I'm getting chocked up even talking about it.
  • I'm drinking pop. I haven't had pop in 30 years.
  • I haven't had a soda in 30 years. And i had three or four of them. I don't even remember.
  • I'm swimming with this thing with the dorsal fin that look like a shark, and it's so intimidating because you think at any second it could just turn on you and bite you, eat you.
  • You'd think it would be an easy decision tonight. It's just not, because everything matters so much when you get down to the end game like this. And you have to consider every scenario if you want to come out on top.
  • Abi hasn't done much that's likable at all in a game where everybody is trying to be liked by everybody, but hanging out with Abi for the next three days would definitely be worth a million dollars.

Abi-Maria Gomes Quotes:

  • I need to make sure the alliance that Denise and Malcolm have is destroyed because they are very dangerous together.
  • I guess my vote doesn't mean anything.
  • I am on the bottom of whatever alliance.
  • I feel really bad that Denise is hurt, but when you have an immunity challenge coming up and it's final four, I'm like kind of relieved a little bit. What scares me the most is freaking Denise winning immunity.
  • The reality of things are I came here not to be feeling bad for other people. I came here to win a million dollars.
  • That's been my life, going after opportunity.
  • It's devastating. It's like... I'm tired. I'm hungry. I'm emotionally weak. And I get no credit here. But even though I'm drained, I will keep on fighting.
  • I am just letting you know that they cannot beat Denise. I'm just going to speak the truth. She's manipulative. She's really good with her words. And she's a physical threat as well.
  • You are patronizing, judgmental. You are just not a good person. I really don't like you.

Denise Stapley Quotes:

  • It's going to be a painful afternoon. It's like the first date with the kid who,like pulled your hair all time in kindergarten, or spit in your lunch, and all of a sudden you're on a date.
  • I want to hang myself, gouge my eyes out.
  • If I could have like needles that just go right into my eardrums I would be good for the afternoon.
  • Abi is the perfect person to take because you want to bring somebody who truly hasn't outwitted, outplayed, and outlasted.
  • I'm here for a million dollars, thank you.

Malcolm Freberg Quotes:

  • After a short little ride, we end up on this boat and there's this great spread of what a couple of us have been craving for a long time, which is pizza.
  • Michael Skupin doesn't eat sugar in real life and he over-ate on sugar and he acted like a drunk chick at a bar.
  • To see something that huge and to be around something that powerful was awe-inspiring. That fish was just massive.
  • Oh my God! A whale shark head butted Michael Skupin.
  • I'm double protected at tribal council tonight. I've got the immunity necklace from the challenge, and I've got a hidden immunity idol in my pocket.

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