Friday, December 21, 2012

RC Saint Amour and Abi-Maria Gomes - Payback Time

At the beginning, they were best friends.

Everybody was jealous of them.

Till the clue for the hidden immunity idol was found.

The friendship started dying quickly!
"If you f**k with me you are dead"

Despite everything that Abi said, RC still tried to be her friend and kept talking to her.

But Abi-Maria had different plans...
"Get out of here!"

Blinded by hate and anger, Abi continued her bullying.
"Maybe the rats brought it over"

The rivalry soon started to grow.
"I think it needs a little bit more salt, but you know me I'm a salty person"

"It's like a home cooked meal"

Filled with greed, Abi betrayed RC, found the clue and turned everyone against RC.
"I have nothing to talk to you about, I'm over it, I moved on. You betrayed me, you broke my trust"

RC never stopped smiling!

While Abi's hatred kept growing.

As her torch getting snuffed and her dream of winning the game is shattered, RC kept her smile.

Abi's happiness didn't last long and she was voted out.

RC, Having nothing to lose anymore, decided it was payback time.

Acting as if nothing happened, Abi made her next move.
"So RC are you going to ever accept my apology?"

But how can someone quickly forget all what Abi did?
"You are not a nice person and quite honestly you asked me if i hate you."

No more nice person, no more
"I don't hate you, I pity you for the life that you live, you are quite honestly, the most disgusting player to ever play this game."

"I told you not to talk to me the first night, I told you not to talk to me the second night, and you still continue to talk to me, I don't get it!"

"I'm Just trying to make the energy better"

"You don't make the energy better, you suck the energy out of everything, you sucked it out of our tribe, you're sucking it out now. You don't shut up. Ever! Stop Talking!"

And the insults never stopped, and probably never will!
"You are crazy, you really are!"

"She comes in, and she wants to forget sort of everything that she did in the game. And there's certainly game play and then there's being inhuman. And she was a very inhuman person in that game."

~ The End ~

Oh, and on a side note:
RC is super sexy!


  1. She's very full of herself and think that Survivor had lost its spark for her for a very long time and that she's in a different class for the game. Screw her and ask her to stop putting herself as a Survivor 25 contestant then. Sexy, but shallow so? Would rather see contestants e.g Denise, Penner, Yau Man etc who had their head in the game compared to her. Fanservice or not.

    1. Hello Abi's twin. Welcome to my blog!

      Sorry to disappoint you, but I don't have a lot of negativity to offer.

    2. You don't have a lot of negativity to offer... yet you applauded RC's delusional and one-sided "speech" to Abi at Ponderosa? Yeah, ok...

    3. Everybody is welcomed to read this blog, including crybabies.
      But if you're looking for tissues to wipe those tears, you're obviously in the wrong place.

  2. God... I love Abi-Maria so much. It's rare that we get to see an actual female Survivor villain, and one that gets attention. Everything Abi did felt so natural and unforced, and that's why I appreciated what she brought to the season. I'd be more than happy if both RC and Abi return for another season, and both make it far, so we can continue this saga.

  3. BAD LOSER!!! That is all she is, A BIG BAD LOSER!