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Survivor Philippines Episode 3 - Quotes

Survivor Philippines Episode 3 Quotes

Angie Layton:

  • They know that me and Malcolm are nothing but friends. They all know that.
  • I can't do it.
  • Russell struggled at the challenge, you know the first time, he had really a hard time getting up the ladder and the second time Russell just kinda gave up. He might be strong but he is the weak link.
  • I don't want Malcolm and Denise to think of me as like a weak link or as a girl who just gives up, because I never said I can't. I mean, I am the youngest. I have been proving myself and I hope they can see that.
  • I feel this small right now. I just sucks. I don't ever cry I really don't.

Russell Swan:

  • Roxy was absolutely right tonight at tribe. That alliance between Malcolm and Angie is real and I think is pretty tight.
  • We lost immunity challenge again, and you know everybody has their weaknesses, mine showed up today. Diving Ten feet down is just not my thing.
  • It's really hard to see a clear path forward. If they wanna make a bold move and get rid of me cause this is the time to get rid of a strong player, I could be gone.
  • What is it about this game that fights me so much. Last time I almost died and I thought this time is gonna be different. And then we lose the first challenge and then we lose the second challenge. And now we've lost the thrid challenge.
  • I am down but I am not out.
  • There's been a lot of people who have come before me. My ancestors who have dealt with the middle passage, Jim Crow, whatever. People whose shoulders I stand on have persevered. And at the end of the day that is where I am going to draw my strength, because to not continue to fight, would be to spit in the face of all those people who endured so much more that I will ever endure in my life and definitely in this damn game.
  • I hear what Angie's saying, but at the end of the day, Miss Angie can't hold a candle to what I'm going to be able to offer this tribe going forward. Knowing that there's thirty days left to go, she aint ready. I am. So, life experience, intellectual capability, physical capability. To me, the choice is clear.
  • I was willing to die for this game last time I played. You willing to put your life on the line little girl? Come on. You went into that water two feet. You were slow because you did not have the physical strength to get that ring off of there. That's what happened. This revisionist history thing that you're doing in terms of what happened on that platform, it may work here for Jeff, but all of us were there, when you came back you were done, you had given up.

Malcolm Freberg:

  • Woke up this morning and Denise looks down the beach and sees that our raft is gone. We thought we had it above the tide line but it's just gone. Little bit of a morale downer. That could come back to haunt us.
  • Tribe of six is already down to four, and me and Denise have been tight since the beginning. It’s not me and Angie like everyone seems to believe. If we go back to Tribal, it’s gonna come down to Angie or Russell, but right now, there is no clear cut next choice to go home.
  • I just wannna scream. It’s just tragic that I am stuck here with the goon squad of tribes. We have a girl that couldn't get a float out from two feet under the water. Russell built like an ox can't climb a three foot ladder out of the ocean. Nothing's gone right. This is the group of goon’s I get stuck with? Thank God for Denise. Denise is a war horse today. That little munchkin of muscle just cranked them out.
  • Today is actually hard. The first two were easy, but between Russ and Angie, it’s a toss up for different reasons. Me and Russ have not talked strategy since day one. Angie, on the other hand is, I wouldn’t say in my pocket, but she would do whatever we wanna do. I just gotta keep myself positioned as strong as I possibly can.
  • We have to win something. We can't keep losing everything.
  • The first season of survivor aired when I was twelve years old, you know you're laying in bed thinking how cool that would be if it's you one day. It's over a decade later and I'm finally here. It's going this poorly. I'm not an emotional guy in the slightest, but I was between tears and screaming after the challenge today. And you know I have friends and family back home who are just gonna associate me with the tribe that keeps having to go see you every tribal council. It's a... heartbreaking is the word.
  • Frustration was day three, on day eight it's heartbreaking.
  • Because of the situation, she's getting thrust into a role that was probably never meant for her, a strength role. There are little girls on the other tribes who haven't had to do the things that she's had to do in two challenges already.

Denise Stapley:

  • There was such a focus on Malcolm and Angie, you know as a couple at Tribal Council but I’m still holding that trust that it’s Malcolm and I when the time comes, he’ll cut Angie. Because it’s a numbers game, I feel much stronger having Russell because we have to win a challenge.
  • I think it would be a ridiculous choice to keep Angie at this point, but I don't know that I could get Malcolm to vote Angie. And then Russell, Russell couldn't climb a ladder. Maybe he needs to go home.

RC Saint Amour:

  • You're not a liability.
  • You know me and Abi really clicked from day one and we built an alliance together and I really trust her and I'm a hundred percent with her, but she's a little bit more hesitant and her paranoia I think is getting the best of her right now.
  • Abi definitely got a little hardcore with our conversation. We gave each other our word. Our word is our bond. I feel like I shared the hidden Immunity Idol Clue with her and that should be proof enough that I really trust her and no one else in this game.


  • I twisted my knee twice since I've been here.
  • I'm not trusting RC with that clue for the idol anymore.
  • Don't waste my time.
  • While everyone is talking clam, I was getting right on to work.
  • You know they all went out looking for clams and I thought, you know it was going to be either me finding the hidden immunity idol or RC so I took the opportunity, I went after it.
  • I don't know where to look anymore.

Mike Skupin:

  • Our mask is gone.
  • It shattered right in my face.
  • I hit the water and I opened my eyes and I couldn't see anything.

Pete Yurkowski:

  • You're lucky that I trust you because now I don't trust RC.
  • I'm looking like I'm not paying attention but I'm paying attention to everything that's going around me. I'm like on surveilliance, I'm just sitting there I'm listening.
  • Feel like an alliance is only as strong as the day it was made.
  • I like Lisa, I don't see any problem with her. She's someone later in the game that I'm easily gonna be able to get rid of.
  • All I need from you is when I tell you to vote for somebody to vote.
  • Abi found the hidden immunity idol right on top of the bag of the rice. Which is really a good thing because she is basically my right hand man.
  • So I'm thinking I can definitely get Artis and Lisa to do whatever I want, so it’s gonna be a lot easier to get rid of Mike and neutralize RC.

Lisa Whelchel:

  • Peter wanted to blindside Mike, and I would prefer to blindside RC. But Peter is the one that is calling it, so I need to lay low and go with him.
  • Today I'm up but I'm consciously up.

Artis Silvester:

  • Today’s challenge was extremely disappointing for me. The positive is, we don’t have to go to Tribal Council. The negative is, we should have won. The problem was, Mike decided to dive face first into the water with the mask, and the mask crashed, after telling me not to dive with the mask who dove with the mask, no problem whatsoever. Well I’m about fed up with Mike. Now he’s in my sights.

Jonathan Penner:

  • The challenge was fantastic but, as we are coming back, I am a little nervous. I believe Jeff knows that I am an experienced player, he's very warry of me, but I want him to be on my side and I want him to trust me.
  • I don't think that you fully trust me. And I think that you think that I have the idol. I do have the idol. I found it, I found it two days ago.
  • Now you know that I have it. If we're seperated, I'd hope that we can come back together again at the other end. You know?

Dana Lambert:

  • The challenge was awesome. We took first place and it felt really good to win some fish and stuff. We always want to eat so I think that works out. We're a hungry tribe.

Jeff Kent:

  • If that piece is the idol.. I bet Jonathan has it.
  • How stupid are we?
  • I'm pissed off and absolutely not at jonathan. I mean I give him props. It was in our face! We touched it, we looked at it, we weren’t even curious about it and that’s a pure veteran move.
  • I don't have any plans to confront joanathan right about the idol. We might be able to pull a little blindside. Maybe we can get Jonathan off with the idol in his pocket. Above anything I’m still ticked off that I let the idol slip right between my eyes.
  • Obviously you want to get ahead in the game, and I want to too, you know? And if it means I gotta ride in your boat cause you got some power and you got some knowledge on how to go forward then I ride in your boat for a while.
  • Jonathan expressed to me that he had the idol. I'm happy he approached me. I’ll try to befriend him a little bit and try to forge a better relationship. I got to figure out what’s gonna be best for me. This is a me game, this isn’t a we game.
  • At the end, we wanted to cut a deal with a handshake so I gave him a four finger handshake, not a manly shake, not a five finger handshake. If I’m not so committed. In my book if it’s not a manly shake, it’s not going to count.

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