Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Ultimate Truth Behind Why Matsing Are Losing!

In this third episode, CBS revealed two additional castaways. It's believed that those two survivors are the reason behind why the Matsing tribe is constantly losing.

Up to the second episode, their name remained a mystery, they were only known as "The Ghosts".

Fortunately, CBS finally revealed the name of the two ghosts, and they are now known as Artis Silvester and Carter Williams.

Who are Artis and Carter? When did they join the game? It seems nobody knows the answer up to this day!

However, thanks to my Sherlock Holmes abilities, I'm gonna attempt and find out when did Artis and Carter made their first appearances and how did they secretly help in crushing Matsing.

Artis Silvester and Mike Skupin
"We got you covered this time"
Artis looking after Skupin from the start while on the boat.

Carter Williams
I'm gonna use my professional Photoshop skills and clarify the above picture.

Carter Williams
Yep that's Carter in the shadows watching over Matsing while they are hiding from the rain in a cave.

Artis Silvester and Roberta RC Saint Amour
Something is Helping RC with those glued paddles...
Oh look It's Artis.

Carter Williams and Jeff Kent
Jeff Kent has a twisted knee, no way he can push that boat alone...
Have no fear Carter's spirit is here!

Artis Silvester and Roberta RC Saint Amour
Out of nowhere Artis appeared and started pulling the sled with RC...
Matsing are going down!

Carter Williams and Jeff Kent
The sled is automatically sliding... It's a miracle!
Nope it's just Carter crushing Matsing.

Hey CBS, more airtime please.

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