Monday, October 8, 2012

RC The Little Mermaid

RC keeps surprising us every episode. At first I thought RC is just a fast runner from outer space. Then I realized she is also a quick puzzle solver.

What I didn't know is, that RC has the ability to shapeshift. In other words, she can transform into something else. Similar to a mutant if you want.

The latest researches and discoveries shows that RC spent most of her life as a mermaid and the human shape is just a newly acquired shape to get on survivor and play the game. Although please note that the science of RC itself is still far from complete and this blog should be considered as a theory-update and not a fact.

RC Saint Amour Abi Maria
RC the mermaid chilling on the beach talking with Abi-Maria.

Survivor Abi Maria
"Get out of here!"

RC Saint Amour Abi Maria
Abi, you're just jealous I have big boobs and you're flat.
RC Saint Amour Mike Skupin
RC swimming back to her native home... The ocean.
haha Skupin, you're slow!

Survivor Abi Maria
"I twisted my knee twice... So..."
Apparently not participating in the last immunity challenge and getting a tan on the beach is very exhausting and can twist your knee... Twice!
RC Saint Amour Swimming
RC Skin starts to dry and the ocean is her only hope to survive.

RC Saint Amour Swimming
Mermaids skin is very different from the humans skin and takes some time to get wet. So RC goes back for a 2nd piece of the puzzle!

RC Saint Amour Diving
Unfortunately two times weren't enough. RC decides to go for the third time in a row!
Thank you everybody for letting RC go again, this little mermaid couldn't have survived without your support.

Survivor Roberta "RC" Saint Amour Resting
RC sitting down getting some rest. Glad her tribe-mates are there to take over.

RC Saint Amour Diving
Nope guess not! Fourth time here we come.
It seems Artis and Pete can't dive without a mask, Abi-Maria and Lisa have this dream of becoming cheerleaders and Skupin can't go back in the water because obviously the water is a sharp object and can make him bleed from the face.

RC Saint Amour solving a puzzle in the immunity challenge
And if that wasn't enough, now RC has to help in solving the puzzle...
Why does Pete's legs need so much space to stand up?


RC Saint Amour Abi Maria Idol
Abi, Hold this and be useful for once in your life.

And once again... RC Saves the day!

The below pictures are top secret and were stolen from CBS studios to justify this blog and are classified under: "Top Secret Scenes". 
Kindly do not spread them!

Roberta Saint Amour Hot
CBS Editing RC to look like this!

Roberta Saint Amour The Little Mermaid
This is how RC looks in real life!

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