Saturday, September 29, 2012

Angie Layton and Roberta "RC" Saint Amour naked?

Survivor Angie Layton and Roberta "RC" Saint Amour naked?
"Angie Layton and Roberta "RC" Saint Amour naked?"

Bahahaha, got ya. I bet you were expecting some kind of naked pictures, videos, sexy? Nude? Anything?

Nope, I'm sorry to disappoint you, you may now click that close X button on top. This post is not very survivor related. But I know you won't close this window yet because you still wanna know what this post is all about! Yep it's all about curiosity! *wink*

So anyway, I was looking at the search queries impressions from google to see what are the most used keywords, which basically means that whenever someone is googling for some specific keywords, my website will appear in the results (The website might not be on the first results' page, it could be on the 100th page, but nonetheless the website is there somewhere in the results).

I wasn't planning to make a post about this, but as I was looking through the keywords, I noticed a big amount of the words "naked", "ass", "nude", "hot", "sex", "sexy". 

Funnily enough most of these words were used on Angie Layton and RC Saint Amour. 

Here are some of the keywords that people are actually searching for on google.
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  • malcolm freberg naked (way to go Malcolm, you made it!)
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  • jonathan penner naked (ermm LOL?)
  • michael skupin naked (Can't stop laughing)
  • angie layton facebook (Stalker alert!)
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Perverts! I hope you land on this page and find nothing. I will be the one laughing.


  1. It's not "perverted" to want to see someone as hot as R.C. naked! Look up the definition of perversion.

    I think "pervert" is used too loosely these days... it loses its significance that way. It should be reserved for people who want to say... fuck a horse slathered in bacon grease up the ass... just as an example, you know.

    1. That totally make sense, glad to see a pervert landing on my website!

    2. The truth is...well....RC is HOT AS HELL! It is perfectly normal to admire such beauty.

      A pervert is someone with abnormal thoughts towards idnividuals who are somewhat unconventional and most times, disturbing.

      Examples: pedos, people who dig on old people, trannies, or some type of BD/SM bullshit...'s obvious that you dont' fall into any of those categries. That said, it is even more obvious that your are a fatty...

      Don't hate people because they aren't digging on fat asses like you...

      On second thought, people who dig on fatties are that would mean than anyone who likes you is a perv...

      Just sayin'

    3. haha im not going to back "Anonymous" after bashing fat people but he's right

      I see a girl i like (fat/skinny... whatever) i want to see her naked, that does not make someone a pervert. Technically one could argue that is the bases of human procreation.

  2. yeah
    well i just watched survivor tonight and RC's ass is what brought me here. OMG!!!!! one of the finest asses i have seen on survior. go back to about 21 minutes into the show when they come back to camp after forfeiting the challenge. WOW!! really hot ass there!!! mmmmmmmmmm

    1. holy shit. I, too, was brought here the exact same way from the exact same scene. :D


      I'm so laughing right now, like 1000 people landed on this page alone just today.

  3. The guy who posted this: you're an idiot. You're such a narcissistic loser who gets a thrill of entrapping curious web surfers. Moron!

    1. hahahahahahahaha, another disappointed horny guy. My job for the day is completed.

      I should write similar posts more often!

  4. Darn I was looking for russell hantz eagle spread

  5. LOL hope that gave ya a good kick bub


  6. iLoveSurvivor is a jealous fatty

    1. And that's coming from the deprived kid that is googling a girl on TV naked.

  7. Fooled again! And I would have found them too if it weren't for your meddling blog!