Saturday, September 29, 2012

Russell Swan is Not The Leader of his Tribe

So Russell's Swan strategy this season is to not be the leader of his tribe. Obviously the leader is always voted out first.

Russell Swan seems like a nice and funny guy in all the interviews and videos that I've watched so far. But judging by the decisions he made in Survivor Samoa I'm not sure how good of a leader he is (Picking pillows over a tarp?... Sending Shambo to Foa Foa tribe twice?).

So anyway let's take a look on how Russell 2.0's strategy is going so far:

Survivor Russell Swan
"This time the whole leadership ain't gonna happen"
Thank God

Russell Swan
"No leaders here we're all a team"
Sounds like the perfect tribe to me

Survivor 03 Russell Swan They can vote for a chief, they can vote for two chiefs, they can vote for a high supreme. Whatever it is, I'm not going to be it
"They can vote for a chief, they can vote for two chiefs, they can vote for a high supreme. Whatever it is, I'm not going to be it"
 Smart Strategy Russell. I know it's very hard to resist being the leader. I think You're gonna win this game this time around!

Russell Swan
"My plan is to feel them out and if the leadership thing comes up, I'll throw it at the guy who doesn't realize leadership is a good thing. Because there's always some guy who's an idiot... and just watch him crash and burn. Dummy."
OMG Russell Swan 2.0 is an evil strategist player that will dominate this game. Glad they brought him back.

Survivor Angie Layton
"Russell keeps telling us that he's not the leader but he's the one who's sitting there saying ok go take a five minute break, and, Go drink some water"
*Russell Swan 1.0 flashback!*

Russell Swan in immunity challenge
"Just bare with me. You two do the puzzle"
Yep! Angie and Roxy! you have no choice! just DO IT!
Survivor Russell Swan tribal council
"Instead of being 2.0 and just being a part of the group, I went back to 1.0 and dictate. And I made a huge mistake"
I was right. What the hell were you smoking?

Russell Swan after Tribal Council
"My strategy going forward on is to step back and let them rise and fall on the decisions they make. That way when they crash and burn, they can be on the chopping block instead of me"
We all do mistakes and we all deserve a second chance. We forgive you Russell.

Life is good, no one bossing us around anymore....

Russell Swan in the second immunity challenge
"Somebody gotta go twice. Could you go twice"
*Russell 1.0 Alert Russell 1.0 Alert*

I Like you Russell, but your tribe doesn't like having a leader. Stop throwing yourself under the bus! There won't be more Zanes to save you.

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