Friday, September 28, 2012

Jonathan Penner and the search for the Holy Grail

So Survivor Philippines Episode two is over. It was an exciting episode as usual with a lot of entertaining things going on.

Unfortunately this is not a recap of the episode, I'm sure around ten thousand blog already wrote the same boring things about what I just watched on TV. So instead of a recap I will invest my awesome energy in something more fun. So please stop asking me to write a recap :)

I was always a fan of Jonathan Penner, ever since he stole that chicken in Suvivor Cook Islands - episode one.

Survivor Penner
"I have been looking for the hidden immunity idol all day"

Survivor Jonathan Penner
"There's the tree with the arch"

Penner looking for the idol
"There's the tree in the water"

Penner searching for the clue
"I remembered the one thing that was waiting for us when we first hit the beach was the machete and the pot which you always have, but there's also this beautiful box with a big bag of rice"

Survivor Penner finding the clue
"It's in the rice, it has to be"

Jonathan Penner found the clue
"hahaha found it, found the clue"

Jonathan Penner found the clue
"It's there, it's waiting for me, but i need to find the thing"

Jonathan Penner
"What are you drawing?"

Jonathan Penner Survivor
"I need 10 minutes just so i can dig around and get the idol"

Jonathan Penner it's right under my nose
"It's right under my nose"

Jonathan glasses
"Dawson comes into camp so I made up this insane story, I lost my glasses I had to go under to get them because the rain washed my contact lens out"

Survivor Jonathan Penner lightbulb
"I'm getting more and more frustrated. And then a light-bulb goes off, If I had opened the clue where the clue was. On top of the rice there is a little wooden bull with a very prominent nose"

Jonathan penner found the hidden immunity idol
"The idol is right under your nose"

Jonathan Penner happy about finding the idol
"For the first time in three tries I have the hidden immunity idol"

I'm really happy that Penner found the idol, it will make him go further in the game... and hopefully blindsiding somebody... which I guess means more fun for us the fans.

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