Saturday, August 18, 2012

Courtney Yates Famous Quotes

Survivor Courtney Yates

I dislike everyone else more than I dislike Todd and Amanda and I think they mistake that for friendship.

  • You know like, I’m not trying to be a monk here, like, I’m tired. I wanna go sit back with a lemonade, like I don’t really wanna be like, bowing thirty-seven times. And we bowed! We bowed for like days, I swear to god, we were there forever!
  • I’m a waitress from New York City, dude, what do you think? You think I know how to do any of this stuff?
  • This isn't like, welfare.
  • Whether it be a piece of pizza or a spot in the Final Three, you can always count on Todd.
  • I'm probably the biggest bitch on the planet.
  • Jeff Probst: Courtney still looking for her father. Courtney: Shut up, Probst!
  • I have never been anything but my own winsome personality since day one!
  • Like I’m going to keep anyone warm?! I weight seven pounds… I can’t even keep myself warm! Get off of me! 
  • I believe that the USA Hockey Team is missing a player. (About Denise)
  • I think the censors are going to have a hard time with me on the show.
  • It’s almost like a pageant. (About the immunity necklace)
  • I'm voting for you tonight because when you snore it sounds like someone choking a walrus.
  • I seem to be marooned in a land with flight attendants and Sunday school teachers.
  • It's like my own private Hell. There's like, exactly the kind of people I don't like being around.
  • Everything's always great, isn't it amazing, like you're doing a really good job with that.
  • I'm not a liar y'all, I just went along with him.
  • He's become the Susan Lucci of tribal council; his name is always up there, but he never quite gets voted out. (About Jean-Robert)
  • Peih Gee is on a crusade to be the most annoying person at our camp. The position is filled. We have Jean Robert. We have him.
  • Well now i can fall in the water, but i don't want to fall in the water. This Water's gross, I'll just sit here.
  • I actually hate kids.
  • Jeff Probst just called me fat!
  • I made it through the end, and you know *looks behind her in the Reunion show* hey guys!
  • Break her shoulder!
  • It's no secret that Russell has a little boy crush on Parvati, because he's, I mean, let's face it, he's like a bandy legged little troll who, you know, sort of like scampers around with his tooth missing and, you know, is in and out of the bushes and never washes, and she pays attention to him and she has, like, no problem flirting with... clearly... anything that walks.
  • You never know what's gonna happen between now and when the sun goes down.
  • What a trooper!
  • Thank you Jeffery. (To Jeff Probst)
  • Thanks Dad. (To Coach)
  • I'm still here over a bunch of strong players, so twisted ankle, skinny chick, whatever, I'm a determined little bitch and I'll put up with a lot of crap to get to the end.
  • Banana wars!
  • If that little troll plays an idol...

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