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Phillip Sheppard Famous Quotes

Survivor Phillip Sheppard

Those two girls, they’re on a beauty pageant... These two girls must go. They’ve been here fourteen days, and frankly, the pageant is over.

  • Rob is sizing me up. So I like to think of it like two males lions checking each other out.
  • I'm a former federal Agent, that's right special agent Sheppard.
  • When I revealed to the girls that I was a former federal agent, it was designed to let the girls know that I'm a trustworthy person.
  • One of the things about me is I love my country. Having worn the uniform that I swore that I was prepared to protect and defend, to have her try to take some of that pride that I have, and having served as a special agent and earned the right to be called trustworthy, it hurt me, it made me angry. I had lots of emotional feelings going on. The best lesson I got from last night was I still love Phillip Sheppard. He's a good guy and that’s okay.
  • I will outlast any man over there.
  • The gorilla. Powerful animal that won’t attack anyone unless provoked. A lion. One of the few animals, that no animal whether it’s starving to death, will approach. That’s how I feel about my family and my country. You do something to the United States, that’s bold power coming at you. You do something to my family, you get the lion baby.
  • It was not a lie. I earned my living discerning whether or not someone's telling the truth or not, and you (looking at Ralph) have an idol.
  • I have what I call the Sheppard stamp. The Sheppard stamp is being one of twelve children, having my mother pass at a very early age, having to work my way through high school, deciding to join the United States army and getting an honorable discharge receiving the second highest medal that you can get during peace time. Doing what? Field sanitation. I mean, what a glorious job, but you know what? I did it to the best of my ability and that's what these guys see out here every single day.
  • These young people out here, they don't understand me. They don't know if I'm a criminal or a school teacher, they don't know how to take me. So I'm a little frustrated out here. Given that this is a social game, it's a huge disadvantage for me, so there has to be another side of me that emerges. The guy that's under cover, I'll tell you this much, I'm prepared to do what I got to do to win a million dollars.
  • We got a win, you get to see my beautiful white more often (about his teeth).
  • In fact, I call ourselves Stealth-R-Us. I'm the specialist, Rob is the mentalist, and Grant is the assassin.
  • A very famous Japanese horseman once wrote a book called the book of five rings, and in that book he says what you wanna do which is so difficult is let your enemy move first, and that's where Rob's weakness is, he likes to be extremely controlling, and he wants to control me and all the other players, but nobody is controlling me.
  • In the old days of the Samurai, they had something called the Bushido code, it's what the Samurai lived by, What I've seen in you, you're truly a Samurai Warrior.
  • Just because they sleep in his underwear every night, and that's not speaking figuratively, that's literally. They're sharing his underwear, the girls, his socks, his bed! And so they want to pay him deference on everything!
  • Let it be known, the first opportunity I have to eliminate him, I will!
  • Some tribes a'vance boldly; weak tribes grow agitated; But superior tribes, like ours, we find a way to win!
  • The Bushido code was how a samurai knew how he had to conduct his life when facing difficult circumstances, and they had a whole strategy... and the feudal lords would have to cut themselves... that's one of the things they would look for, that someone would make the first move, and then they would strike.
  • There are some in that tribe like the sea which can be beautiful and glorious but as you know when it recedes outward it sometimes leaves a stench! You know that it's probably carrying something parasitic and therefore you don't want to approach it.
  • I asked for a sign, and out of thin air, appeared this feather.
  • I enjoy being on the bottom, if that’s where I am. It’s a nice place to be. You can look up and see what’s going on.
  • There’s also for the first time in 22 seasons a highly effective, and beauteous and glorious operation in effect, right now. And I am known as the specialist. My principle responsibilities: infiltrate and supplant inceptions into the former Zapate.. Zapetera tribe. We have here, Boston Rob, the mentalist. Principle responsibilities: to develop strategies for challenges and develop strategic alliances that are impervious.  Where’s Grant?.. The destroyer of aspirations, better known as the assassin. Principle responsibilities: to go out and compete, destroying any competitor. And I forgot to mention the three degrees, who are highly effective, formidable, agile, and have supreme abilities to focus their mind like they did today.
  • When I got into Buddhism, one of the things that you learn, is that your spirit is interconnected to every single living thing including the Tathagata which you might call God, or Allah or Buddha. It will manifest itself in a number of different ways. You can hear it, you can feel it and you have to be willing to accept it for what it is and channel that. And I did a meditation this morning, I was focusing on my ancestors; You know I had a premonition through my Grandfather, and I took that as an indication about my relationship with Rob. I think it has finally come to what I call the full circle of trust. And I'm gonna play my role, it doesn’t mean that I am not pursuing the million dollars because I will be here at the end of the game.
  • The rice situation is pretty ugly: This morning, Julie was able to scoop seven and a half scoops of rice out of that cook pot. In our old tribe, we would have two of those seashells. I contend that they want to use up all the rice before they go. I plan on scooping quite a bit of rice out of their tin and putting it in ours. All rice here belongs to all of us. I’m now watching the Zapatera like a lion. Apparently, it is the state of the world today on the Murlonio tribe.
  • I'm like a lot of black men, we're prepared to self-destruct in any moment.
  • Don't mess with the undercover specialist, cause he makes his living uncovering truth.
  • I'm truly blessed.
  • I learned a great deal about myself, I learned that it's OK to tell the world that I have a relationship with somebody that's been dead since eighteen seventy.
  • You sound like a little whiny child. (To Ashely in the final three tribal council)

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