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Russell Hantz Famous Quotes

Survivor Russell Hantz

You can call me the puppet master. They can be my little puppets, they'll run when I'll tell them to run, they'll walk when I'll tell them to walk, When I'm done with them, just throw them in the trash.


  • I'm planning on making it as miserable as possible, making it hell for everybody, to get what i want.
  • I didn't come here to work, I came here to play.
  • My strategy is to be able to have a secret alliance with each one of the dumb girls.
  • It is day one now, I got an alliance with the dumb short hair blonde, and even dumber long hair blonde and the dark hair girl. I like to call it my dumbass girl alliance.
  • It's crazy how you can break their hearts by telling them a lie.
  • I emptied all the water out of all the canteens, I plan on weeding out the weak right off the bat. I plan on making it as miserable as possible for everybody.
  • I think if I can control how they feel, I can control how they think.
  • I'm not here for the money, I'm only here to show people how easy it is to win this game.
  • I'm gonna do everything it takes to win this game.
  • My strategy is working like a dream. They're hollering at each other right now and I'm just going to sit back and watch it happen.
  • I'm running the show in here. You come here and threaten me, you gotta go.
  • My tribe will believe anything I tell them at any point, because they are... stupid.
  • If I can find that idol, then that would be genius, in history of survivor how many people found the idol without a clue? Zero!
  • She's gonna pay for that statement, I promise you.
  • Whatever I want happens.
  • I'm telling you, you plant that little seed in their head and their little brain and then it grows, and it's called the Russell seed, it takes over the whole mind, so that makes it easy for me to manipulate every single one of them.
  • When people fight, I love that. How can I not even think it was me?
  • It is shocking that these people trust me so much. I mean they really do.
  • I'm running this whole show right now, I'm the boss.
  • I was born for this. This is what God made me for.
  • She's too stupid to do it by herself, She needs me.
  • Let me tell you, you're walking on thin ice.
  • She's still looking for the immunity idol, but you will never find it, it's in my pocket, mwahahaha.
  • They are just bunches of babies, that's why we lose the challenges, because they are lazy.
  • What I have to do now is work my Houdini Magic.
  • We have a shot at this, it's five to eight now, it's pretty damn close.
  • I have to keep Nathalie for my little toy. She has to be here for me so I can manipulate her little mind and do what I want her to do.
  • These idiots are probably gonna cost me a million dollars.
  • I'm not really nervous about my numbers, I'm too good for this game. I'm too sly, and now I got to make sure my seed is planted in all these dumbasses head.
  • This is the first time that I dunno nothing. All of a sudden all hell break lose.
  • I don't care about a damn reward, I'm here to win the game.
  • I ain't finished playing just yet. Keep hope alive.
  • It's time for me to create chaos. Bird go free!
  • This might be one of my best pieces of work I've ever done.
  • I started rehearsing my speech for the million dollars when I had 10 people left, because I knew I was going to the end.
  • I'm a villain, I think villains are smarter than heroes, because they don't mind stabbing somebody in the back to get what what they wanna get.
  • Believe it or not I'm a little nervous going in, I'm still in awe of who I'm here with, I mean for god sake Boston Rob, you know Parvati, I mean you know I gotta get my mind straight and not let them give  me too star struck because I’m out here playing the game with them now.
  • Finally I can play the game with somebody that respects the game.
  • The villains lost, you think that really bothers me? Losin'? Cause I'm used to losin', what a bunch of dummies!
  • I got way more to prove right here than I did the last time. If i can do it here, If I can take it all the way, if I can whoop these all stars, doesn't that mean I'm the best ever?
  • I'ma  play similar to the same game, I'ma use the mind game, they better give it their all and play the game, cause I'm taking this crap serious.
  • These are all stars, but you know what, I'm a little above that, like Michael Jordan is in Basketball, like Michael Phelps is in swimming, there is always somebody that is above their sport, and I'm the best player that ever played this game, now guess what, I get to prove it.
  • Rob, he thinks he's the boss of the camp, he thinks he's in control, but this is my mountain and I'm still the king of the hill.
  • The heroes got their asses handed to them. It strengthens our tribe and it weakens the heroes tribe. They gotta stab somebody in the back, they are over there being villains, that's what they are doing.
  • Everybody knows Coach is a big joke, so he can go around flapping his jaws all he wants.
  • Getting rid of the machete will cause conflict in this camp. Rob is gonna go crazy, the tribe is gonna go crazy.
  • Jerri hated Parvati. I brought them together, but I'm that good where I can bring people together in this game for my good.
  • Courtney looked like she was about to break in half out there.
  • It was one of the most pitiful performances I've ever seen.
  • All Rob wants is to keep his alliance strong, which I understand, because he knows, once Courtney leaves he's at my mercy. I'm after him.
  • He's digging his own grave just like Rob did.
  • Now I don't even have to find idols, people are actually giving me idols, you don't hand the enemy the idol, specially when his name is Russell Hantz.
  • I think J.T. just handed me one million dollar.
  • Amanda is really an aggressive strategic player, she's kinda like Boston Rob in a girl's body.
  • The great powerful Rupert, the good guy, the second coming of Christ. You're such a dumbass Rupert.
  • I'm gonna take control of this game so fast, they won't even know what hit them.
  • I'm working Danielle, I'm working Parvati, I'm telling Parvati we get to rid of Danielle, I'm telling Danielle we get to rid of Parvati, so by working both of them, I get both of them under control.
  • I saved Parvati's ass, I saved Jerri's ass, I'm dragging them through the mud both of them in a million dollar game. These girls are bunch of unappreciative little bitches, both of them.
  • Day 39, you know I said I would do it and here I am, I've done it again.
  • If she can win the game twice, there is a flaw in the game (About Sandra).
  • Redemption Island does not scare me one bit. It’s a vacation. yeah, Put me on that Island and see what happens. Cause I’m going to win the challenge. I’m going to come back. And I’m going to take some heads off.
  • The first two I was a schoolboy. This one, I’m bringing it!
  • These fools that I'm dealing with ain't too bright.
  • These ain't all stars that I'm dealing with, it's pitiful.
  • My plan is find the idol, yea you seen me playing before.
  • I know this game, this isn't my first Rodeo.
  • I have three people, three votes, that's all I need, I never had numbers, I always make it to the end, I need no stinking numbers, all I need is trust, loyalty, that's how I play this game.
  • I know it is six to three, so right now, the most important thing for me is finding the idol, if I find the idol, Russell gets another blindside.
  • I'm dealing with a bunch of bitches.
  • It ain't over till it's over.
  • It never is what it seems.
  • I'll be back and be ready! (To his tribe after being voted out)
  • It is the first time I've ever been voted out, I don't like it at all, I was pissed off, I wanted to bitch slap every single one of them.
  • Right now this is his house, I'm about to take it from him.
  • The whole time they were lying to me, they told me Francesca was here, and it isn't, it's... this other kid. (About Matt)
  • This duel is gonna be man vs man, good versus evil type thing.
  • You see Jeff, I had to stay in this game somehow, now through these two (Points toward Philip & Kristina) I have to stay in this game. Now if their tribe wins, they take out these dummies, more power for me.
  • This is my last time playing this game. That's it, I have nothing else to prove to myself or to my family.

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  1. Jeff: If you have the hidden immunity idol around your neck and you want to play it, tonight it's the last time to do so.
    Russell: You know what Jeff? I think i'm gonna keep it for a souvenir