Monday, November 26, 2012

The Island Without Abi-Maria Gomes!

Ever wondered how the island would be without Abi-Maria Gomes?

Abi Maria Gomes during reward challenge
Probst: "Abi are you clear on whats happening out here?" Abi: "No Not really"
Survivors would understand how the reward challenge works, but
I can't really blame Abi, she doesn't usually compete in challenges.

Abi Maria Gomes Cinderella
We wouldn't hear boring fairytale stories about how someone enjoyed a reward challenge that they didn't help in winning.

Jonathan Penner
Sarcasm wouldn't exist!
"We will continue to feed you during your final moments."

Roberta RC Saint Amour
No one would give you the pity look.

Tribal Council Survivor Philippines
No one would laugh at another person

Abi Maria Gomes Crying
And tears wouldn't exist

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