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Survivor Philippines Episode 10 - Quotes

Survivor Philippines Episode 10 Quotes

Pete Yurkowski Quotes:

  • That's what happens when you fall asleep at the wheel.
  • I just need a couple of hours just to relax, think about everything and figure out what my next move is.
  • I'm smart and I'm fit and those are two things that with food it's like a boost.
  • After last tribal, the whole game turned upside down. I went from the top of the pecking order all the way to the bottom.
  • We'll be pitching this get rid of Malcolm idea to everybody, especially Skupin. He's kind of ditzy, he doesn't think before he does things, he just jumps into it so I think he could be turned easily.

Abi-Maria Gomes Quotes:

  • What the fuck, I thought we had agreed, to that Tandang was supposed to be strong and make a big move together.
  • You do wanna go to the end and you wanna be on the top of an alliance. You do not wanna be on the bottom of an alliance.
  • Probst: "Abi,are you clear on what's happening out here?" Abi: "No, not really."
  • I'm eating like I've never seen food before.
  • I've been surviving on beans and sandy coconuts for the last twenty six days, so today I literally feel like a princess, a queen.
  • I feel like I had like a three month baby cooking in my belly. I was like eating like a crazy woman.
  • I felt like I was a peasant here and then like a fairy just went like ding and then I became cinderella.
  • I'm glad you guys stepped up to the plate because I am done with the kitchen.
  • I don't wanna cook but I definitely do wanna eat. I don't wanna starve to death.
  • English is not my first language, and my attitude may be perceived as not the most gentle.
  • I'm holding back my tears... tears of feeling alone.
  • I seriously did not grasp that I was that hated in the game.
  • It's just really strange because apparently I'm an idiot that I don't get their cues.

Mike Skupin Quotes:

  • Voting Artis off tonight was my first real big move.
  • I don't believe you can win this game with just one big move. I believe that there are several big moves that need to take place before the end of this game.
  • Whichever way I go, I need to control this game as much as I can instead of letting somebody else control my fate, it's the only way I ever lived my life and it's the way I'm gonna play this game.
  • When somebody wants to take you to the final four, you have to say strategically heck yes. Because if you say no then you could end up odd man out. And all of a sudden you're on the chopping block.
  • I've committed to a final four with malcolm. I'm not totally comfortable with it because he's a gamer and that worries me.
  • I want to be the one calling the shots so I'm going to do everything I can to win the next immunity challenge.
  • I have a deal to go to the final four with Malcolm but now I'm starting to re-think whether that was a smart thing to do or not because he's playing the hardest.
  • The risk of changing it up again is, it could backfire. But do I anticipate our current alliance staying strong until the final four and then having this happy ending? It's not that likely in this game.
  • You always think of the idol, I mean as you decide who you're gonna vote with and who you're gonna vote for and who you're gonna vote against.
  • There is a lot of opportunities in every tribal council to vote which ever way you want and because it's survivor nobody really and truly knows. So it's going to get a little crazy again.

Lisa Whelchel Quotes:

  • I have never been good at breakups. I have continued in relationships way too long just because I didn't want to hurt them.
  • The really wonderful thing is i do believe I'm taking control of my own destiny.

Malcolm Freberg Quotes:

  • When i got here I just kind of silenced the talk. The strategy behind that is that I'm gonna need to make a final three or final four deal here pretty quick and the people I want to be in, they're all sitting back at camp right now while I'm sitting here just having spa day.
  • Abi has all the social grace of a mack truck. She has no understanding of how to talk to people.
  • I'm gonna promise on my family this is my final four and I'm not breaking it.
  • This is as serious a deal as you can make in this game. This isn't just some quickie alliance wham, bam, thank you ma'am, he's gone we're on our own.
  • They just need one person to flop and I'm going home.
  • Thoughts about jury management cross your mind at this point in the game, but right now I'm more concerned about staying in the game than jury management.

Jonathan Penner Quotes:

  • We'll continue to feed you during your final moments.
  • I will continue to keep them close and if I get blindsided, more power to it. I will go out with my head held high.
  • Pete and abi cannot win this game,they don't have the numbers.
  • you know, you can get hit by a car walking from your house to the post box, too.
  • Every single one of them has gone against me at one point or another.  So I don't trust any of them completely, but they do trust me. You see? Because I have not betrayed them once.
  • You went far in the game, you did well and you're not gonna win this time.

Denise Stapley Quotes:

  • You have lost your freaking mind, girl.
  • Whiners are weaners. You need to go home.
  • In this game I'm not gonna bring a type of person with me so I can win by default. It's like bringing someone to a poker game that's never played poker just so you can steal their money.

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