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Survivor Philippines Episode 7 - Quotes

Survivor Philippines Episode Seven Quotes

Jeff Kent:

  • Tribal tonight was chaotic, Boy, I was so close to letting Penner going but I'm thinking Penner is gonna help me out.
  • I'm hoping I made the right choice, We're two guys taking a shot in the dark at each other, and there's going to come a time and a place and i hope i can get to him first before he gets to me.
  • I believe that a veteran player shouldn't be winning this game. Penner has always been my priority since day one and now that I am on a team with Penner and Skupin, I have two priorities.
  • As long as we don’t talk about baseball, maybe I’m safe.
  • I'll join any game as long as I can get Penner out before I get out.
  • I’m on a cross roads. I’m either going with veterans players that I don’t want them to win this game and try to ride them out, or I’m gonna go with the Tandang tribe and vote Penner out of here but then I’m on the bottom.
  • If you treat baseball with disrespect, you gonna get bit in the ass and I know that if you treat this game with disrespect you’re gonna get bit in the ass too so, you know with all humbleness, I say that the decision on who goes home tonight is gonna be heavily based on which way I go and who I carry over to the other side. I got to make sure that I protect myself because whatever move I make, it’s not gonna sit well with either tribe.

RC Saint Amour:

  • I worry because, you know we aren't one big happy family. We can pretend to be all what we want, but we haven't for seventeen days.
  • There is a lot of dynamics right now. Me and Mike are solid but we would like to feel a little bit more secure.
  • The old Tandang tribe made it obvious about me and Mike. They ostracised us both for 17 days. So, Penner corrals his threesome and I have Mike obviously on my side, so that’s six so why wouldn't we do something? You know If we have a possible chance to go somewhere else, then why not?
  • It’s been a good day I think so far. No, I didn't win immunity but we sort of got this very core of six in place right now. Me and Mike are solid and we are definitely with Kalabaw. With us six we're in the majority.

Jonathan Penner:

  • I think Jeff and I have built a trust with each other. But I was really surprised to see my name. I shouldn't have been.
  • I just forget that other people are lying. It's always my problem. It was a good wake-up call.
  • Do I have to keep my eyes and ears open as we move forward? Of course. I would be ridiculously stupid not to.
  • It's a new lifeline for us. There's four of us, there's seven of them. We're hoping there's dissent over there and that we can pick one or two people to come over to our side to use for awhile and then cut them off if we can.
  • I am trying to find fissures in this yellow tribe, and Skupin seems like a cool guy so I got to help him feel as comfortable as he can about slitting the throats to the people he spent seventeen days with.
  • Probst: Penner is out of the game and is in trouble tonight at tribal council. Penner: Well Thank you!
  • If the people that I believe are gonna vote with me are really not gonna vote with me. If all of this has been smoke, then I’m a terrible judge of character and then I don’t really deserve to stay in the game. But I do believe that Skupin and RC and Denise and Carter and Jeff. They're gonna vote with me. They all mean it. I really believe they do.
  • Lisa had been on "Facts of Life" but now, as with many, many former actors, you get older and so you do other things with your life. Lisa is kinda cool lady. I think She could actually go pretty far as an under the radar non-threatening person who could find herself sitting in the Final three. I believe that.
  • I won't blow your cover.

Denise Stapley:

  • Kalabaw, we're gonna stay four strong. We need two to shift that balance and have the majority. So, my plan is to stick with the alliance that I've got going with Kalabaw, but at the same time, I truly would like to go back to my original alliance with Malcolm.

Mike Skupin:

  • I fell in the fire today, this far into the game, twenty four seasons ago.
  • I no longer have an advantage, we're now in all new territory for all of us.
  • I never made the merge before. They merged in Australia, the day after I was medevaced so this is kinda cool and merging with numbers, even better.
  • I noticed Pete and Abi, the power alliance in our tribe, being a little quiet. Because they haven’t had alliegience in weeks to RC and I, so we’re really free agents. Being free agents means you get to choose your team. It just takes two.
  • I never have ever felt threatened before, and tonight, returning players are a major threat. Like My reputation is pretty competitive. My reputation isn’t being loyal to a tribe that hasn’t been loyal to me. There isn’t anybody that would think that I would go down without a fight.
  • Pete, Abi and Artis can't control this game. They're just too rude.
  • Pete said four words to me since we've been here.
  • I just hate them.
  • It just takes two people from Tandang to realign with the Kalabaw tribe then they would be six strong. Unless God himself appears live before me and speaks to me, I cannot follow Pete, Artis and Abi as long as I have some assurance that Jeff and Carter aren’t gonna switch over to the old Tandang tribe. Because if RC and I go this way and Jeff and Carter go this way, then what happened? You know nothing got gained.

Malcolm Freberg:

  • Dude you barely made it this far. Look at you.
  • I buried my idol the first day I got here.
  • I was going to change clothes and hide the idol but I thought an hour would be a safe amount of time to assume people would be eating, drinking and getting to know each other. Apparently, the estrogen kicked in and we had to have our clothes cleaned.
  • Now, I have to pin down sweet ole Lisa who, I think, from the goodness of her heart, tried to dry my clothes. I get her alone and don’t say a word, I just looked at her.
  • Hallelujah! The church lady found it who hopefully, has a heart. But at the same time, now I’m locked into this involuntary alliance with Lisa and Denise, that's literally the two people that I'm not confident I can beat in the Final three just because they are nice.

Lisa Whelchel:

  • We were just lying around thinking it was going to be a long day, and all of a sudden,we saw this boat, and we thought ok is it coming into the cove?
  • When you only have 10 minute to gather up everything you have,everything is like gold.
  • I picked up Malcolm’s bag and I took his flanel shirt out and I took his bathing suit out, I was looking in there and I felt something. I discovered he had the hidden immunity idol in his bag, which totally shocked me.
  • I’m not the only actor on this island!
  • Penner is aware of my past as a child star but we didn’t talk strategy.

Pete Yurkowski:

  • The tribe intention when we first landed on this island was to go Tandang strong. That's impossible because RC is someone who would never let that happen. And Skupin really doesn't have a brain of his own. He does whatever RC tells him to do.

Artis Silvester:

  • I’m ecstatic that Penner and RC didn’t even come close to winning immunity because we are going to split the votes between Penner and RC. If Penner plays the idol, RC goes home. If Penner doesn’t play the idol, he will go home with the idol.

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