Monday, November 5, 2012

RC Saint Amour Was Never Voted Out. She Went Back to Her Home Planet

From the beginning of this game, RC was dominating. She was by far the prettiest, nicest and most beautiful girl out there.

But unfortunately, every adventure comes to an end.

With their home planet threatened with annihilation, the Extraterrestrial were searching for RC, their only remaining warrior and their last hope.

They searched every corner of the Earth until they eventually found her on a deserted island in the Philippines.

Survivor RC Saint Amour
Knowing that she has to leave, RC was very sad, but the entire fate of her home planet depended on her.

Survivor RC Saint Amour Sexy
Despite all the sadness coursing through her veins, RC still smiled and looked sexier than ever.

She magically created a Big feast out of thin air as a goodbye present.

Survivor RC Saint Amour Eating
She enjoyed the Earthian food one last time...

RC Saint Amour Drinking
and drank some of their refreshing water too.

RC Saint Amour
She shared the water with humans to help them build their shelter.

RC Saint Amour Lisa Whelchel Abi Maria Gomes
RC told her friends that she has to leave
"I'm leaving the Earth Abi, can you please stop being jealous of my awesomeness?"

Abi Maria Gomes
"Finally I get to be the youngest prettiest chick in here"

Lisa Whelchel
The church lady fell into tears...

"I can't believe it, I'm gonna miss you"

Survivor RC Saint Amour Beach
As RC was getting ready to leave, she stood on the beach that she loved and took a final glance at the sea that she always adored.

RC Saint Amour Beach
She got ready for departure like a true warrior...

RC Saint Amour Necklace
and put her extraterrestrial tracking device necklace around her neck.

Malcolm Freberg Denise Stapley Jonathan Penner Carter Williams
Everybody could hear the spaceship landing nearby.

Abi Maria Gomes
It was a scary sound!

Survivor Mike Skupin
They were lost and sad.

RC Saint Amour Mike Skupin Lisa Whelchel
She gave the humans one last warm hug.

RC Saint Amour Voted Out
RC took her pretty smile with her and left the humans with fire as a souvenir.

Survivor Abi Maria Gomes
With eyes filled with hatred, some were happy that she left...

Survivor Pete Yurkowski
While others couldn't hold their emotions back and started crying like little girls.

RC Saint Amour
RC finally landed on her home planet, and saved the day.

Farewell RC :(
Cya in All-Stars II

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