Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Story of RC Saint Amour and The Body Language

Based on my previous post (Is RC Saint Amour from outer space?), I think we all agree by now that RC possess some supernatural skills, so I won't be going over the same stuff again, because as you know being repetitive is so boring and can depress a clown.

I'm thinking of renaming my blog to iLoveRC or iLoveTandang, not because it seems that I'm publishing many posts about Tandang, but because I'm kinda scared RC might kick my ass like she does in the immunity challenges.

I've always considered myself a student of body language, I studied body languages for almost Ten, yes the whole Ten... seconds. So, I'm gonna use my expertise and professional opinion in the field of body language to attempt and decrypt what RC was really doing or thinking throughout the second episode:

RC Saint Amour x-ray vision
RC found the clue
RC using her x-ray vision to see through the bag of rice and eventually finds the clue.

RC Saint Amour Go and ill meet you by the well
"Go and I'll meet you by the well" (To Abi-Maria)
In other words go away and stop being nosy.

Roberta RC Saint Amour did you hurt yourself again
RC: "Did you hurt yourself again?"
Mike: "No"
RC: "Yep That's new"
Let me touch your hand and heal you.

Roberta RC Saint Amour handbag
Going back to camp cause of rain...
Skupin looking at RC thinking wow that girl just touched my hand and healed my wound, she's now doing the laundry and she looks hot. I feel so honored carrying her handbag. She's so perfect and I'm in paradise!

Abi Maria Gomes
"I am your friend, but if you fu*k with me you're dead. Seriously!"
Hey Abi, sorry to be the one with the bad news, but judging by the performance of the last challenge I would say RC can kick your ass easily. Your only remaining hope is to go get that machete and butcher her. Unfortunately Mike Skupin is busy slicing himself with the machete and you're gonna have to wait for a while.

Roberta RC Saint Amour
Abi... Poor little girl.

Roberta RC Saint Amour Ninja
Before the immunity challenge begins...
Ninja RC is ready for the battle. Bring it on Probst.

RC watching Skupin giving the immunity idol to Jeff Probst.
Give it back Mike. I'm definitely an all or nothing type of girl. This time I want first place and I'm gonna get it.

RC Saint Amour pulling sled
RC pulling the sled with the puzzle pieces.
RC slowing down in the immunity challenge, she's just very nice and very humble and doesn't want the other two tribes to feel left out. Keeping their morale high.

Lisa Whelchel
Lisa is the caller helping in solving the puzzle
Lisa your voice is so low the mic is not even detecting it. Oh look RC is already done with the first puzzle.

Roberta RC Saint Amour
Moving to the second puzzle... I'm booty-trapped.
RC solving the puzzle easily as if she's been doing it everyday for the last 20 years while Pete is helping untie the ropes of the puzzle pieces. Thank you for all the hard work Pete, you're such a gentleman.

Roberta Saint Amour Survivor
RC Solving the third puzzle
Hey camera man dude, I appreciate the leopard booty during the entire episode, but how about you go and stand next to Skupin so I can see the smiley face once again?

Tandang Celebrating Victory
Tandang Celebrating the victory
It seems that RC kicked ass again in the challenge... like she always does.
No surprise there. Nice hair though.

And the moment we thought RC has done it all...

RC Saint Amour holding the idol
Nope not done yet! RC decides to catch some juicy weird looking animal that looks like a chicken to feast and celebrate tonight.

RC Saint Amour, the idol and Jeff Kent
Haha! In your face Jeff Kent! We're first! And most importantly... You're not!

And RC saves the day...

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  1. RC is a goddess! Perfect body, that butt is incredible! Really wanted to see her make it far.