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Survivor Philippines Episode 2 - Quotes

Episode 2 Quotes

Jonathan Penner

  • The downside of this constant rainings. The idol is somewhere right in our camp and I can't get them out of the shelter. I need ten minutes just so I can dig around and get this damn idol. It's there it's waiting for me.
  • Luckily they're so concerned about the rain. they're all gone to a cave. The camp is empty.
  • Where the hell is this damn idol?
  • I've never had the immunity idol I've never individual immunity at all. This is a key to the game. I got to find this thing before they get back to the camp. And I'm thinking just stay calm, who knows how long you have.
  • It's right under my nose.
  • Dawson comes into camp so I made up this insane story, I lost my glasses I had to go under to get them because the rain washed my contact lens out.
  • Can't find it anywhere, it's right under my nose.
  • I'm getting more and more frustrated. And then a light-bulb goes off, If I had opened the clue where the clue was. On top of the rice there is a little wooden bull with a very prominent nose.
  • For the first time in three tries I have the hidden immunity idol. It's fantastic.
  • You have the hidden immunity idol and you feel that you can dance forever. Nothing can touch you now. Of course that's not true, and I know a lot of guys who thought: "I'm going to dance all the way to the million!" And they got blindsided. Those are mistakes that, well listen, *Spits*, That's a mistake that I'm not gonna make. I hope.

Russell Swan:

  • My strategy going forward on is to step back and let them rise and fall on the decisions they make. That way when they crash and burn, they can be on the chopping block instead of me.
  • Where people sleep in the shelter is pretty telling and Angie.. Hot young chick. It looks like she's got some boob thing going on. They're popping up all over the place. And I don't blame Malcolm for wanting a little slap and tickle, but I can't get down with that. You get your bang on somewhere else, because Survivor couples, you want to wack that thing down real quick,
  • I guess we're just gonna be wet and miserable and it's just gonna suck to be us.
  • So we go to the challenge and once again we lost.
  • Twenty years old Angie, beauty queen, she's like I can't do this, and then there's Roxy saying Not me I have not had enough water to drink today and I just lost it.
  • If Roxanne goes, I'm like screwed.

Angie Layton:

  • It is so freaking cold if Malcolm and I wouldn't cuddle I would of froze to death.
  • When you're cold you need to cuddle up to someone.
  • Probst: Angie finish that same sentence. If I can change one thing about this tribe? Angie: That we couuuuuuuuuuuld have cookies?

Malcolm Freberg:

  • When I first saw Angie, I kept having to remind myself: Don't get booty-blinded, don't get booty-blinded, you're here to play Survivor, make a million dollars and go home.
  • This morning there is a very strange vibe going around the camp.
  • I'm nevervous that the rest of the tribe are freaking out about me and Angie are coupling up.
  • I haven't been this wet in my life. This is ridiculus. It hasn't stopped raining for more than half an hour since we got in here.

Roxy Morris:

  • I wake up in the middle of the night and Malcom and Angie there like cuddling.
  • Those two are dangerous together (About Angie and Malcolm), one had got to go, period!
  • With Angie, it's literally a booby trap.
  • I think anyone that allies with them at this point are in danger because the minute it's just you and them they're not gonna choose you.
  • I'm not in my comfort zone at all.
  • I haven't had a goodnight sleep since I've got in here and to be in a place where you literraly have nothing. None of your friends, you have none of your family, you don't have your Church.
  • Bottom line is, Angie needs to go, not because she's the weakest link, but her relationship with Malcolm is just not good.

Roberta "RC" Saint Amour:

  • The weather is horrible, it's absolutely horrific, everything is soaking wet and I was like nervous about the rice getting moldy, and so I stuck my hand in just to make sure. And I'm like I checked the bag before to find the clue but I dind't find anything and this time I find it right away.
  • Lisa was looking over my shoulder so i was hoping she didn't really see my face or give away anything.
  • Sometimes I feel Abi could potentially use me in the future but I feel like I can use her in the future. So if I can get her on my side and solitify her with me then that will be the strongest twosome at least in our tribe.
  • Me and Abi really click from day one but since we haven't had to go to tribal council, our alliance hasn't been tested yet. I shared the clue with her and that should be proof enough that I really trust her and no one else in the game.
  • I thought Abi was my number two. I thought she can handle it but she can go off like that and that really makes me nervous. She thinks that I could be making sub-alliances and I'm not and I don't know how to prove that to her.

Denise Stapley:

  • I don't pray for anything. Anything that's gonna get me to the end of the game it's gonna be me.
  • We have another challenge coming up, and not once does my mind go to "God help me win this challenge". No! Dig in, Dig deep and make it happen.
  • Close doesn't keep us out of tribal.
  • Please don't be blinded by the headlights.

Mike Skupin:

  • RC: Did you hurt yourself again. Skupin: No. RC: Yep that's new.

Lisa Whelchel

  • I'm an introvert by nature.  I don't do well with chit chat.  I'm just not very good at that.  I'm very very shy, so if I'm on a stage, I can be behind a role, but in real life, my tendency is just to withdraw and not let anybody in.
  • I don't feel like I'm fitting in. I'm already on the outside and don't really have somebody that I can trust or talk to, I've been on my own since I was 12 when you know I moved to California to be on The Mickey Mouse Club and I left my family. I'm very used to just taking care of myself, so I think in real life I'm trying to learn to open up and trust more and depend on other people, but this is not the place to experiment with that.
  • It's hard being on the outside, and, you know, maybe I'm just not able to play this game.

Abi-Maria Gomes:

  • It is great that RC wants to share the idol with me. I was very lucky to catch her finding the clue so she has no other choice. But a side of me is telling me to be careful.
  • I just don't know if I can trust RC all the way. Because I feel that she's getting a little bit too close to Mike.
  • I catch them whispering a little too much. I catch them switching conversations when I walk in. If she screws me over, that's it, she's dead to me.
  • It doesn't matter if you like Mike or not, you're playing a game. You and him go off together and you're always whispering.
  • I am your friend but if you fuck with me you're dead. Seriously you are done! Just letting you know.
  • I think that Lisa is a little bit sneaky. She's just like an outsider. I don't feel like she's trying hard enough to connect with the alliance.

Pete Yurkowski:

  • She's like the dog that keeps escaping the fence in the backyard. Eventually you just gotta shoot it.

Jeff Kent

  • I'm struggling a little bit in this weather. But I've played baseball for seventeen years and you know survivor is gonna be a long season for me. I'm up for the challenge.
  • The way things are going with my knee sitting around watching the rain fall could be good for me right now. I'm making sure I take care of my knee and making sure I get enough energy so my team can win.

Sarah Dawson

  • We'll see you later. Be careful. Have fun!
  • Well, flint will work regardless how wet it is.

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