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Survivor Philippines Episode 5 - Quotes

Survivor Philippines Episode Five Quotes

Malcolm Freberg:

  • We're down to two members on day Ten already, thought this might happen like on day 39. Not a week and a half into the game.
  • We're about as down now as you can possibly get at this point.
  • If we're not coming back to my beach, this might be my last chance to go look for the idol today.
  • You don't realize how down and in the dump you are until you finally get a win and things start going your way.
  • I'm like the stud football player from the rival school right now. Like everyone wants to get to know me, everyone is like pulling me aside, like "hey I'll be your best friend", "You don't want to hang out with those losers", "Those guys stink", I'm not gonna lie, I'm enjoying it right now.

Denise Stapley:

  • We don't know what's gonna happen now that we're down to two. Maybe it's gonna be like a reshuffling of the deck, but the immunity idol is still here and so we started looking all over.
  • Just to be in a new family and in a new tribe is great. And trying to kind of blend in with my new family, trying to figure out what my roll gonna be. I'm just really glad to be part of this tribe. I really am.
  • I'm a part of a tribe that has lost again. It's heartbreaking.
  • I don't know if they are gonna go loyalty or if they are gonna go logic.

Abi-Maria Gomes:

  • Play like a man, don't play like a bitch.

Lisa Whelchel:

  • Malcolm Brought a wonderful energy to our tribe. He's a great guy.
  • He also has a great attitude, he's good looking, he's smart, he's easy going, so he hasn't brought any kind of negative energy into the tribe which is really great.

RC Saint Amour:

  • I think I would have fared better if we got Denise over Malcolm. At first I thought maybe I have a fighting chance, maybe I can get him on my side, but you know the minute I saw him talking to Peter I knew it's over.
  • Having this new person join and be accepted right away by the clique, it does bring you back little to childhood because I was bullied in school.
  • In Survivor, you are in this place where you don’t know where to turn to. You don’t have people that you can sort of go and and talk to and say you know this is how I'm feeling, what should I be doing? But, I didn’t starve, and you know have no fire and like work those challenges to just let them walk all over me. I am going to fight and hopefully we don't have to go to tribal council, and you know time has to be on my side at this point. Cause I need time and hopefully time to flirt with Malcolm.

Pete Yurkowski:

  • When I saw Malcolm unwrap that yellow buff. I was ecstatic, I was always kinda wary about getting rid of Mike, but now we have another strong guy, probably even stronger guy. And he's probably not as stupid.

Katie Hanson:

  • So my alliance consist of Dana, Dawson and myself against the guys. We need Denise, like that was the one reason why I was happy we got a female, because we have a better chance of getting Denise on our side than we do getting Malcolm. From here on out, it's my job to get Denise underneath my arm. So as long as we can convince her that hey it's us girl, hopefully she won't listen to the guys.
  • Dana leaving the game screws up everything, I'm literally at a loss for words cause this could not have happened at a worst time, I mean I love the girl, but it sucks to have happened, but my best allies got taken away by the medics, and I'm like what the hell am I gonna do to survive.
  • I totally sucked in this challenge, it's pretty embarrassing to be the one that like totally screwed up everyone, and it's like I feel like everytime they make a moaner groan is because of me.
  • I screwed up, there's nothing else I can say, really just crappy performance, so If i was them, I would say see you later Katie.
  • I was not good, I was bad.

Dana Lambert:

  • Walk up this morning, and I guess I just have a bad immune system, I dunno, but I'm just can't shake the cold.
  • I can't stop shaking, I can't get that aching pain out of my stomach, I can't hold anything down.
  • I wish I wasn't sick.

Jonathan Penner:

  • The elements sucks, it's freezing, and I'm a big fat guy, it doesn't really affect me that much, but Dana is sick, she weights forty seven pounds or something, she's as big as my finger, and she may be just shutting down.
  • Take everything off, you get naked under that blanket, we will warm you up.
  • Dana is in bad shape, she can barely talk.
  • This girl is shutting down. She needed some medical attention.
  • If Katie been three seconds faster and Dawson had been a little more helpful with the puzzle I think we would have won, and now we're gonna be down to two people and that gap at this stage of the game may be insurmountable.
  • There are really three options at this point, Denise, Katie or Dawson, but I can't see getting rid of Denise, she's a hell of a competitor. She’s was right in it to win it today so no way we can point to her and say she cost us the challenge. So, it’s Katie or Dawson.
  • Katie did not perform well today, she performed poorly, and I can't see that that's what cost us the challenge, but it didn't help. But before today Dawson has just been the weakest member of the tribe, I don't think she performed particularly well today, I would think she performed disastrously. It's a big choice actually.

Sarah Dawson:

  • You're burning up, girl.
  • And out of nowhere, Jeff Probst is in my camp, which is you know typically I jumped up and down and maybe jump on him but it just wasn't good timing so you know he was there for Dana.
  • Katie sucked in the challenge today, she was no good.
  • Katie sucked, Katie blew it, I told Katie she sucked, she knows she sucked.
  • Dawson: "Maybe I should date an athlete." Kent: "What do you consider an athlete?" Dawson: "Football... Basketball... Then I guess at the end maybe Baseball"
  • I know Jeff Kent was a former professional athlete and as far as I know I'm the only person who knows. So I enjoy getting into his mind and making him uncomfortable.
  • It's definitely a bitter sweet, we love to see you but it sucks having to vote someone else.
  • If he wins he owes me so big, I want a motorcycle, a helmet, a side car and a pink gun. That's what I want from Jeff Kent.

Jeff Kent:

  • Right now it comes down to who's gonna hold the most value in the challenges for us, Denise is stronger than Dawson and Katie.
  • Dawson starts talking a lot of sports, so I’m walking on egg shells right now. Because right now I’m having a good time with these people just being normal, and I am normal. That's what I am, I used to be a ball player, no problem about it, but I'm normal, this is here, just like them trying to do the same thing. But if they end up putting two and two together, I’m in trouble.
  • If Dawson knows my history as an athlete, the best scenario might be just to vote her out.

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