Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Roberta Cleopatra "RC" Saint Amour

Below you will find the story of Roberta Cleopatra "RC" Saint Amour.

The following is based on a true story.

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Survivor Roberta RC Saint Amour
Cleopatra was a very pretty girl, but her life was not perfect.

Survivor Roberta RC Saint Amour
Cleopatra was bullied in school,
but that didn't stop her from going after her dreams or from smiling.

Roberta RC Saint Amour
For a very long time the sea was her only friend and her only relief.

Survivor Roberta RC Saint Amour swimming
She swam for years looking for answers and finding herself.

Roberta RC Saint Amour swimming
As she was approaching the land, she could feel an unstoppable force inside her.
Roberta RC Saint Amour hugging Malcolm Freberg
Using her wisdom and charisma, she started recruiting an army.

Roberta RC Saint Amour
Deep inside, she knew that she didn't starve and have no fire for ages to just let the enemy walk all over her people.

Roberta RC Saint Amour in the reward challenge
She trained her soldiers hard, and taught them the art of war.

Tandang Mike Skupin RC Saint Amour Malcolm Freberg Lisa Whelechel Pete Yurkowski Abi Maria Gomes Artis Silvester
The drums of war thundered. The decisive battle was near.

Abi Maria Gomes
Some soldiers were controlled by fear and fled in terror.

Roberta RC Saint Amour in the immunity challenge episode five
Filled with determination and courage, Cleopatra led her soldiers against the red demon forces.

RC Saint Amour Jumping
She used her kangaroo jump to get ahead of everyone else.

Survivor Roberta RC Saint Amour on Skupin's shoulders
Watching her army spent, tired and hopeless, she knew she had to interfere and help. She jumped on the shoulders of her toughest soldier and quickly untied the ropes.

Artis Silvester untying ropes in the immunity challenge
She summoned a big strong giant to help her with the ropes.

Jonathan Penner
Penner, a red demon from the underground, unleashed all of his minions against the people of the sun.

Roberta Cleopatra RC Saint Amour
It was a fierce battle.

Tandang and RC in immunity challenge
Using her knowledge and the blessing of the Gods, Cleopatra saw the light and led the people of the sun to victory.

RC Saint Amour helping Tandang win
The red demon forces were defeated and Cleopatra became the queen.

Tandang won the immunity challenge
And everyone lived happily ever after.

~The End~