Monday, September 24, 2012

Jeff Kent is Clark Kent?

I understand the glasses are not there. His name was never mentioned in the daily planet. We haven't seen him wearing his underwear over his pants yet.
He never wrote anywhere "Batman is a wuss" and supposedly he didn't use his X-ray vision to see the chicks on his tribe all naked.

Actually that's what I call a good disguise, but Jeff, you missed one thing!

Survivor Jeff Kent Leg
Way to start the game

Survivor Jeff Kent Broken Leg

Survivor Jeff Kent Broken Leg
"I heard it popping, I don't know if that was the bamboo or my knee, but we'll see."

Survivor Jeff Kent
"My knee want to buckle on the inside"

Survivor Jeff Kent Broken Leg
Oh look, Jeff can lift the raft up.

Survivor Jeff Kent
And push a boat
And jump in it
Then dive in the water

Jeff Kent is actually...

Survivor Jeff Kent Superman

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