Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Is RC Saint Amour from Outer Space?

I've been watching RC on TV lately and she just seems very good at every single thing out there. I'm sure I watched somewhere (I Don't Have An Achilles Heel) that RC has never camped and she's just a city girl living in New York.
I have never seen a human with such supernatural skills yet. Obviously this season CBS are allowing extraterrestrials to be on the show. I'm sure Fox Mulder and Dana Scully will appreciate this post for revealing the ultimate truth about RC.

Here are some of the reasons of why RC can't possibly be a human:

Roberta RC Saint Amour
RC takes the word "Running" to a whole new level
Hurry up Artis!
Kalabaw and Masting in slow motion mode?

Survivor Roberta RC Saint Amour
"I'm an executive assistant"
erm NO you're not!
RC can tell a lie (Which is a good thing in Survivor)
She's an investment banker in real life
RC can make money too

RC Saint Amour
Survivor RC Saint Amour
RC can sense food from far far away

Survivor Roberta RC Saint Amour can make alliances
RC can make alliances
"We can't lose with you on our team. And I don't think we can lose with you in an alliance. So we're thinking Abi, Pete, me and you."
*hug hug*

Survivor Roberta RC Saint Amour can make shoes and water fly
RC can make shoes and water fly!
(Look closely to RC's left and right in the above pic)

Survivor Roberta RC Saint Amour can tell a joke
RC can tell a joke
Abi-Maria: "Peter is strong but he's a little bit"
RC: "dumb"

Survivor Roberta RC Saint Amour is always smiling
RC is always smiling... always... I just love it

Survivor RC Tweets back
Oh and on a side note
RC actually tweets back

 And most importantly.....

Survivor RC Saint Amour Sexy

So bottom line is, if you are from outer space and possess some supernatural skills, you can now be on Survivor too.


  1. RC took pointers from Glo with swimwear lol LOVE YOU RC from GLO GLO lmao