Monday, August 13, 2012

Tyson Apostol Famous Quotes

I never liked Sierra, ever, I have no clue why she's out here, other than to just give hope to stupid people around the world.

  • I like to see Sierra scramble and mope, uh, I think it's funny because I've never liked Sierra. To me, she's of no worth. I mean... her parents probably love her. I can't imagine her boyfriend's that cool.
  • We have the long-haired guy that looks like the love child of Steven Seagal and the Last of the Mohican. So if he can pull any of those skills out, you know, survival skills like an Indian, or karate moves like Steven Seagal, he's a good guy to have on your side, I think.
  • Being from Utah, you would think I would be a shirt and tie, nerdy glasses but I'm probably not the stereotypical Mormon. I'm probably more of a free spirit.
  • You can look me in my sweet blue eyes all day and I'll tell you sweet nothings and you'll believe all of them.
  • Who am I? umm... Oh that question... who am I! Pretty well balanced individual I would say.
  • I'm not the stereotypical Mormon. We'll see what happens when I get home and everyone disowns me. I'll probably have to move somewhere else, somewhere less Mormon-y.
  • Erin: Tyson, you be careful or you will fall off. Tyson: Don't boss me around lady. Erin: I just don't want you to break your pretty little face. Tyson: That's true, it is my money maker.
  • So, I kicked ass, like I always do. And...uh... if any ladies want my phone number... I guess... uh... Ask!
  • I lied straight to your face, and you ate it up.
  • Having somebody who can make you laugh in an environment like this where everybody's dirty and tired, I think people appreciate that.
  • Anytime there's a blindside, it's pretty awesome. Just the look on somebody's face. I think Erinn wants to be here so so bad, that her getting blindsided would look really cool.
  • I love seeing people cry. When you crush their dreams.
  • I think she'll be really really upset when she gets voted off, and I'd like to see, uh, a freak out at Tribal. I think that would be fun.
  • Your boobs popped out?
  • Last night at Tribal we established a leader, kind of, so I guess Brendan or Coach is the leader? I don't know.  It's... I wasn't paying attention. I don't really care.
  • Lying to everybody, especially Brendan and Sierra, actually brings me pleasure.
  • This is a Brazilian fruit called the Jacoba and it's got a really hard pod shell on it, and then inside it's got this almost powdery flesh, it really makes you thirsty, it kind of sucks all the saliva out of your mouth. But here there's nothing else to eat, so I guess it's like God's candy in Brazil... so, thanks God.
  • I smell like a man today, my parents would be so proud.
  • Brendan is really the sneakiest bastard I have to worry about, we smile at each other, we hug, I've kissed him on the neck... Softly. He's felt my warm steamy breath on the nape of his neck, even on the small of his back, but, you know, as the old adage goes, keep your friends close and your enemies closer. That's right, right?
  • When it comes down to it, I want that million dollars. Exotic, expensive furs on my shoulder. Jewels on these pretty fingers. We're talking big time. I'll wear a tiara... a man tiara. Do they make those?
  • If Brendan gets wind of it and uses his idol, Sierra's gone.  Brendan's gone in three days from that. I'd like to see him go first, cause I'd like three days of just bossing her around, and telling her to shut up. It probably won't win me her vote from the jury, but it would probably win me everybody else's vote, so it'd be a win-win for me.
  • I'll come over and do it if you want. (To J.T. during the slingshot challenge)
  • I don't think you were the mastermind. I don't think you're smart enough for it. (To Sierra)
  • I'm feeling pretty comfortable. People I've aligned myself with are the people I trust.
  • It bothers me that Sierra will be here longer than me, little weird being outfoxed by an idiot.
  • Colby getting owned by Coach?  Oh my gosh, dude. I can only imagine what Colby's thinking. He's gotta be like... I might as well just become a woman.  Because there's no point in trying to maintain my masculinity now.
  • Yeah, those Heroes were waiting to wallop on us a bit. I guess they must have all eaten steroid sandwiches right before the uh, the challenge. They were all crazy eyed and it was almost scary to look in their faces. Not that it was intimidating but I worried for their sanity.
  • He knew what he was getting into, it's not like any of us are survivor virgins.
  • I'm still pretty awesome.
  • I was basically the victim of my own stupidity, America thinks I'm an idiot, but as far as I'm concerned I'm still the winner.

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