Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sandra Diaz-Twine Famous Quotes

Sandra Diaz Twine

Last time I was mean and this time I'm meaner, you know I'll lie I don't care, but I'll make up a good lie.

  • I never trusted you from day one and you can't be trusted. (To Fairplay)
  • I can get loud too, What the F**K.
  • When we got back to camp, I kept thinking you know what, You're not gonna enjoy Rupert's Fish, so I got to camp first, and I grabbed the bucket full of fish, and it was so damn heavy and I tripped on a vine and I spilt all the fish, and I started arguing with Jon to the point where it saved me because they never pointed the finger at me as to being the one dumping the fish.
  • My plan right now is to start on the two water cans. I'm gonna hide those, I'm gonna hide the nets because they haven't used them in a long time. I'm gonna hide the pickaxe, all the knives, throw the machetes, I'm little by little, they won't even see it coming, I'm gonna hide the spear and all four masks therefore they won't have a way to fish.
  • I swear on my two kids that I'm with you guys until we're in the final three.
  • As it stands now, if either Darah or Lil wins immunity, then the other one goes, I really don't give a damn which one goes as long as it ain't me.
  • Last time I was mean and this time I'm meaner, you know I'll lie I don't care, but I'll make up a good lie.
  • That's someone I can see myself aligning with, until it's time to cut his throat.
  • I'm trying to stay as long as I can.
  • He's a stupid ass! (About Russell searching for the idol)
  • you need to get in the ocean and wash your ass.
  • The worst tribe ever put together is the villains tribe, I should not even be here, I should be with the heroes cause I can't stand Jerri, I hate Coach, I hate Danielle, I hate Russell even more. So Any of those four, I'm not gonna pick one above the other cause I equally hate them all.
  • Russell he don't know how to play this game, yea he's done good so far, but with me, he don't know what he got himself into.
  • This is what we get for being bitches!
  • You know how some people forgive but don't forget, well I don't forgive and I don't forget.
  • I don't want my big mouth to get me in trouble.
  • It's time for revenge, and this is for Courtney, Boston Rob, Tyson, and even Coach who I don't care about, but I'll stick him in there too.
  • I think I'm gonna keep it for myself cause I'm so damn greedy. (about the idol)
  • That's how confident I am that I'm not going home.
  • I'll write your name again and if I make it to the final three, you will still give me your vote (Voting Rupert out)
  • He wants to micromanage the whole tribe, and unfortunately I'm not the kinda person you can micromanage.
  • I'm feeling wonderful because regardless, Russell keeping me around, because I'll never get a single vote, but I don't know about that!
  • Every villain for himself.
  • I came for one reason and one reason only, for another million dollars.
  • This is how I hustle, This is how I make my money, I come and play survivor, that's what I know how to do, that's what I'm best at.
  • Russell is obnoxious, so I took his hat and I threw it in the fire, I don't care.
  • That's a payback for everything he's done to me in this game. I don't care.
  • I've been soul surviving since my alliance been wiped out.
  • The only people here that like you are right there, *points at Russell's family* 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
  • It was dirty, it was funky, so I threw it in the fire (Reunion show - About Russell's hat)

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