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Season 25 - Survivor Philippines: Returning Castaways

A lot of speculations has been going on about which survivors will be back to play one more time. According to the host Jeff Probst, three castaways who has been airlifted out of the game will be returning to Survivor Philippines.

The official names of the survivors coming back to play has not been released yet, but if we look closely on all the survivors that has been airlifted before, it will become clearer which survivors will be back.

In Survivor history, only 10 players has been evacuated out of the game, those players are:

Mike Skupin:

Mike Skupin
Going all the way back to season 2 in 2001 - The Australian Outback, Mike Skupin was dominating in the game, he literally was able to hunt a wild pig, he's an outdoor man, he was a very good physical assets to his tribe and he was a leader to his tribe. Mike Skupin eventually passed out and fell in the camp fire, his skin was all burnt and he was airlifted out of the game.

Bruce Kanegai:

Bruce Kanegai
In Survivor Panama (Exile Island), Bruce amazed everyone by his Karate skills, his Zen garden that he took care of all day long and his creativity. Bruce was evacuated from the game due to a constipation that caused him a huge amount of pain over many days. In the reunion episode, Bruce told Jeff that he had to quit his job as an art teacher to play the game.

Papa Smurf:

Papa Smurf
In Survivor Fiji, Papa Smurf was very entertaining to watch, unfortunately he didn't make it very far and was forced to evacuate the game due to being allergic to some bug bites.

James Clement:

James ClementJames, a three time survivor player, and two times favorite player (China and Micronesia), was evacuated from the game in Survivor - Micronesia Fans vs Favorites due to an infected finger. In Heroes vs Villains James broke his leg, but he wasn't evacuated from the game, but instead his tribe (and alliance) voted him off for being the weakest player in their tribe.

Jonathan Penner:

Jonathan Penner Jonathan Penner, two times survivor player, first appeared in Survivor - Cook Islands where he stole a chicken of the other tribe on the first day, then turning on his alliance in a less than a ten seconds decision, then re-joining that alliance and voting off the other one. In Survivor - Micronesia, Jonathan was playing a very good game but was evacuated due to a leg injury.


Joe Dowdle:

Joe Dowdle

Joe Dowdle appeared in Survivor - Tocantins, he was in and alliance with J.T, Joe was a tough competitor, fun to be around, and a smart player.

Mike Borassi:
Mike Borassi

Mike Borassi appeared in Survivor Samoa, despite the fact that he was old, but he was a tough competitor, during a challenge, Mike Borassi blood pressure went low and he was forced to evacuate the game. Mike Borassi was supposed to be on Survivor Tocantins, but he was also pulled out of the game before it even starts.

Russell Swan:

Russell SwanRussell Swan, also known as Big Russell was a castaway in Survivor - Samoa, Russell was the leader of his tribe, he was very smart and physical. His hard work was his demise, specially after he decided to work all day long before a challenge, and then during the challenge giving everything he has, he eventually passed out due to low blood pressure and was evacuated from the game.

Kourtney Moon:

Kourtney MoonKourtney was a castaway in Survivor - One World, she seems to be fun and nice, unfortunately we dind't see much of Kourtney Moon due to an injury in the first episode where she broke her wrist and was forced to leave the game.

Colton Cumbie:

Colton CumbieIt will take a while for people to forget about Colton Cumbie, specially that he just played in the last season of Survivor - One World. Colton was a fan of the game and he seemed like a good player even though he was hated by the survivor fans. Colton was evacuted from the game due to acute appendicitis.

So, which survivor is coming back? Let's take a quick look at the above and start eliminating them. Let the assumptions begin.

First let's go over the ones that were evacuated early in the game, Kourtney Moon and Papa Smurf, very few people remember them, I don't think they will be back.

Mike Borassi was evacuated twice from the game, once in Tocantins before the game even starts, I can't see him coming back, just to be evacuated again.

Bruce Kanegai, he was liked by other players, but never made any big moves in the game, or anything to steal the lights, I personally don't think he will be back.

Many people think Colton Cumbie will be back in season 25, however Jeff Probst said that Colton will not be back, because people hated him in a way that they don't want to see him playing again. So for now, he won't be back.

Joe Dowdle seemed to be enjoying his time and doing well, however I don't think many still remember him and most probably he won't be back.

That leaves us with our final four: James Clement, Jonathan Penner, Russell Swan and Mike Skupin. It has to be one of them.

Personally, I love James, but last time he played, he was portrayed as a villain, and even Jeff Probst asked him in the reunion of Heroes vs Villains why he was angry all the time and if he had any good time.

Mike Skupin still has fans around, he's still remembered as the tough guy who eventually burnt himself and was the first to be ever evacuated. Although I'm sure many people has forgotten about him, it's been almost 11 years since he last played.

Russell Swan was evacuated due to low blood pressure which is a health issue, I'm not sure how good of an idea is to bring him back, but he was a tough competitor, so his chances are still up there.

It's always fun watching Jonathan Penner playing survivor, he's a tough competitor, a well spoken guy and a great player.

I hope three of my final four will be there playing. It will make Survivor Philippines exciting to watch for sure.

Which survivor(s) do you think will be back? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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