Friday, July 27, 2012

I Love Survivor

Welcome to I love survivor blog.

It's been 24 seasons of survivor, and it's still by far my favorite reality TV show out there.

Season 25 begins in Fall 2012, the castaways will be heading to the Philippines in Asia. 

According to what Jeff Probst announced in the reunion of survivor one world, three of the castaways who were airlifted out of the game will be given a second shot to play the game and they will join three tribes of new players.

The tribes size remains unknown, but most probably each tribe will have 6 castaways (5 + the air lifted one).

I believe Survivor Philippines will be an amazing season, it's always fun seeing castaways coming back, they tend to be more greedy for the money and ready to do anything, which make watching the season more fun.

Watch the Survivor Season 25 - Philippines preview below:

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