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Roberta RC Saint Amour Famous Quotes

Roberta Christine Saint Amour

I'm definitely an all or nothing type of girl.

  • I'm telling people I'm an executive assistant because I don't want people to know I'm a banker.
  • If I can handle wall-street I can certainly handle survivor.
  • Lisa is like this very beautiful older woman and it's like she doesn't hang out with us and then she just goes on her own. So I think it's hard to trust Lisa.
  • I think Skupin is a hundred and ten percent constantly, but by doing that, he misses a little stuff like twigs and bamboo that's gonna hit you in the head.
  • I think it's more understanding what happened in the outback with him (Mike Skupin) falling into the fire. He doesn't care about injuries. But I think he thinks he's superman. You know superman needs to take a little bit of break and maybe you know take the machete away from him. Maybe that's his kryptonite. 
  • The weather is horrible, it's absolutely horrific, everything is soaking wet and I was like nervous about the rice getting moldy, and so I stuck my hand in just to make sure. And I'm like I checked the bag before to find the clue but I didn't find anything and this time I find it right away.
  • Sometimes I feel Abi could potentially use me in the future but I feel like I can use her in the future. So if I can get her on my side and solidify her with me then that will be the strongest twosome at least in our tribe.
  • Me and Abi really click from day one but since we haven't had to go to tribal council, our alliance hasn't been tested yet.
  • I shared the clue with her and that should be proof enough that I really trust her and no one else in the game.
  • I thought Abi was my number two. I thought she can handle it, but she can go off like that and that really makes me nervous. She thinks that I could be making sub-alliances and I'm not and I don't know how to prove that to her. 
  • You're not a liability.
  • Her paranoia I think is getting the best of her right now.
  • Abi definitely got a little hardcore with our conversation. We gave each other our word. Our word is our bond. I feel like I shared the hidden Immunity Idol Clue with her and that should be proof enough that I really trust her and no one else in this game. 
  • I have no idea what happened with the clue, I certainly didn't put it there, but because this popped out, I'm a little wary of my place right now in the tribe.
  • Abi is irrational, I mean she's not a rational player, you don't know what she's thinking.
  • I'm worried about my place in the tribe.
  • I thought I had it locked out, I thought I had Abi as my number two, I thought I had Pete, I think I'm in danger if there's an immunity challenge and we lose.
  • I think I would have fared better if we got Denise over Malcolm. At first I thought maybe I have a fighting chance, maybe I can get him on my side, but you know the minute I saw him talking to Peter I knew it's over.
  • Having this new person join and be accepted right away by the clique, it does bring you back little to childhood because I was bullied in school.
  • I didn’t starve, and have no fire and like work those challenges to just let them walk all over me. I am going to fight and hopefully we don't have to go to tribal council, and time has to be on my side at this point. Cause I need time and hopefully time to flirt with Malcolm.
  • We never come back from a challenge and are happy, but in the Survivor world, you sort of have to swallow your pride and do things that you normally don't do. But this is just nasty.
  • Artis, Pete and Abi are very nasty and angry and they're cruel.
  • My strategy is to let Abi blow up constantly and me just fly under the radar.
  • She's like this Brazilian bomb that's about to blow up any second.
  • I worry because, you know we aren't one big happy family. We can pretend to be all what we want, but we haven't for seventeen days.
  • There is a lot of dynamics right now. Me and Mike are solid but we would like to feel a little bit more secure.
  • The old Tandang tribe made it obvious about me and Mike. They ostracized us both for seventeen days.
  • If we have a possible chance to go somewhere else, then why not?
  • It’s been a good day I think so far. No, I didn't win immunity but we sort of got this very core of six in place right now.

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