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Survivor Philippines Episode 12 - Quotes

 Survivor Philippines Episode 12 - Quotes

Abi-Maria Gomes Quotes:

  • It's clear to me that Lisa and Denise, Malcolm and Skupin have a foursome alliance going on.
  • I'm going to continue to bluff I have that the fourth hidden immunity idol.
  • you said my word is more important to me than a million dollars and right now you're telling me a million dollars is more important to me than my word.
  • I am an alliance of one person.
  • I just need to play smart, play my fantasy idol, try and bluff in this game.
  • If you tell a lie long enough everyone starts o believe it and I'm convinced in my own lie. Even I am believing myself right now.
  • I don't think I'm bringing any tension. So I'm a little confused with what I just heard.

Lisa Whelchel Quotes:

  • I think Penner is correct. I do think Malcolm is playing a brilliant game. Because it's strategic but likable, underdog, good at challenges. All around really great game.
  • Going to the end with Malcolm and Denise is not a great strategy. But betraying that trust is... opposes who I am.
  • I do know it's a game and I love this game. But I haven't been able to step outside of who I am outside the game to play the game.
  • Lord, we don't propose to guess Your will as much as we ask that you would bless this plan, and protect it and if you want Malcolm to win or Carter or Denise or even Abi, we want Ultimately your will to be done.
  • So bummed! I was so ready to play this game hard and make a big move and poof. And Malcolm wins immunity! And Lisa's plan is shot into smithereens!
  • I voted for you.
  • I have tried to be kind. I have tried to be understanding.
  • Cuss at me, do whatever you want, it has no effect at this point. I don't care.

Michael Skupin Quotes:

  • There's no description for him. He's the best human being I know.
  • My son is bloodyd from here to here, his chest, everybody's like "are you okay?" and I'm like "that's my boy."
  • Give me your shirt. (To his son)
  • The only thing against you, the only one thing against you is you're a threat and every other possible thousand reasons are against Abi.
  • She's every psychological condition all packed in one. (About Abi-Maria)

Carter Williams Quotes:

  • I never break down like this!
  • Out of respect for this game and out of respect for me, keep me around.
  • On a personal level I know this game is about strategy and this game is about winning ultimately. But everyone at our camp this whole time has been talking about keeping people in this game who deserve to be in this game.
  • Denise, Malcolm, Skupin and Lisa are stand-up people and Abi has been really mean to people in this game and so I mean take me further in this game than someone who you guys don't respect as a competitor.

Maclolm Freberg Quotes:

  • Those are my allies. I need to take care of them and keep them close.
  • Miles, my little brother turned 21 years old a month ago. He's a knucklehead in a really nice... like a nice way. He's just kind of a clown.
  • I'm in the final four on Survivor" and it's only day 33.
  • Do we go with peace around camp or strategy?
  • Since the beginning of this game everyone has wanted Abi gone. Abi is so detrimental to morale and just people's smiles in general. She's like a soul sucker around camp. She's like the dementors from "harry potter.
  • we're really considering getting rid of this angry, unsocialable Brazilian girl over a really fit athletic guy. I'm considering making a really bad strategic decision just for my, like, morale.
  • If Abi goes home tonight it's because she's a bitch.

Dennise Stapley Quotes:

  • It is not a cultural thing. It's her personality.
  • It's this histrionic dramatic passive aggressive martyr. It's not culture, it's the culture of Abi.

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