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Survivor Philippines Episode 9 - Quotes

Survivor Philippines Quotes

Mike Skupin Quotes:

  • Tribal council was the most amazing experience, because Lisa made her big move to save me.
  • Going from it's you to it's not you in a matter of five minutes is a sense of relief.
  • The game could have been flipped around with one or two more votes for Pete but whether Pete went or whether Jeff went, they're both two of the most outspoken people about getting rid of returning players. So, having one of them go is a win-win for me either way.
  • I know that Penner is interested in creating something, but Lisa and I agreed on day one that we will always tell each other the truth. She orchestrated a pretty big move the other day in order to save the Tandang alliance, in order to save me.
  • I want to play this game with Lisa. But I got to make sure that if I'm gonna make a bold move, that she's firmly on the side that I am choosing.
  • How can we stay loyal to somebody who's not loyal to us?

Jonathan Penner Quotes:

  • That was the most incredible Tribal I ever been a part of. It was crazy! I don’t even know what the hell happened.
  • I voted for Abi and now we will see where I stand.
  • I’m a dead man walking anyway.
  • You have two parents who are trying to play a straight up, almost Christian game, in Lisa and in Skupin, and then you have three incredibly tight players who are playing some other game, what I call a bully game.
  • My name is Jonathan. In America my name is normal.
  • The food was fabulous. It's an amazing break from the game, although I'm hoping that we can talk some strategy over a beer or two because I've been in a very tough position.
  • I didn’t win that immunity challenge so I know my days are numbered if I can’t put something together. The problem is the numbers. I need five votes to even have an ice cream’s chance in hell of staying in the game.
  • I'm like a story teller, that's what I do.
  • I am planting seeds with Lisa because I am playing my ass off out here, but I cannot panic. I have to be calm, cool and collected. And I hope that I got through to her, whether that changes her vote or not, I don’t know. But I only need one of them, either her or Skupin.

Lisa Whelchel Quotes:

  • I tried to make a big move, I tried to play the game like a real survivor. It’s just not me. And I lied and I betrayed and I broke promises.
  • I love this game but I think it’s too big for me... It’s bigger than me.
  • I know that Penner is always scrambling to find a way to stay, but he's really struck something very very deep, this internal conflict.
  • My whole life has been based on public perception, you know I lived my life on the stage since I was seven years old, and even before that learned to get love by performing and being good and being likeable.
  • If I do the wrong thing, will I still be ok? If I am not liked or I'm judged, will that be ok? Can I survive? Not being, you know... little miss Perfect?
  • I don’t even know what to think now.
  • I like Jonathan so much, I've learned so much from him out here.
  • I want to stay loyal to Tandang, I want to be able to say from the beginning I was loyal to Tandang. But if Tandang is no longer loyal to me, then am I being exactly what Abi accuses me of being? Gullible and naive?
  • The proverbial poop hit the fan, and the fan was pointed toward me, and it landed on me.
  • My life is bigger than this game, and this game is bigger than me".

Pete Yurkowski Quotes:

  • Where'd you guys dig?
  • It’s really ironic that someone I wanted to get rid first or second throughout the entire game, now I am forced to work with.

Malcolm Freberg Quotes:

  • Right after I graduated, I taught elementary school in Micronesia for a year. Remembering all the good times I've had was a good reminder of how much I enjoy working with kids, and how fulfilling that can be.
  • God why did I give this up. This means so much more to me than pouring drinks to girls in bars. It really made reconsider what I've been doing with my life for the past year. It was a life shaping experience for me.

Carter Williams Quotes:

  • Right now, the lines have been drawn and it’s former Tandang versus everyone else, but last night at Tribal Council, they made a mockery of Skupin and I feel like he’s been mistreated and they mistreated Lisa, so we are trying to get Skupin and Lisa in with us, because they are gonna play the biggest role in which alliance moves on and which starts getting picked off.

Abi-Maria Gomes Quotes:

  • I think you're just gullible, I think you're just naive.
  • If that man, Penner, does not win immunity tomorrow, he's going home.
  • I wish I would be voting off Mike today but we need him for the numbers.
  • Penner is a bigger threat though but Mike is really annoying.
  • Penner is actually really charming, a little too smart for his own good, so it's time for him to go home.
  • Hey guys, I just found a huge clam.
  • I'm not very sure of Lisa at this point.

Artis Silvester Quotes:

  • Abi is just a loose cannon, she just thinks she knows so much about the game, and so much about people in general. I don't know who told her that, but she needs to shut up, before she screws everything all up.
  • Tandang had one of the most powerful tribes put together in survivor history.
  • I totally understand that in any moment in this game I can be blindsided just like anybody else.

Denise Stapley Quotes:

  • Right now, I've got my alliance with Malcolm and the former Kalabaw tribe, Carter and Jonathan. And The goal tonight is to get rid of one of the original Tandang members. Break that little empire up and then really continue to just turn this game. The plan very much hinges on Skupin and Lisa. If we can’t get the numbers, Jonathan is going home.

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