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Survivor Philippines Episode 8 - Quotes

Survivor Philippines Episode 8 Quotes

Jonathan Penner:

  • Does it hurt to get betrayed, yeah of course it does, why? Because you were kept out of the secret. There were secrets, you were being talked about behind your back and the thing that you trusted wasn't true.
  • I'm not resigned to going home. There's no quit in me. But the only way that I can get further now is by taking my foot way off the gas pedal, climb into the backseat, pull the blanket over my head and hope they forget that I'm here for a while. But they now have betrayed me so all bets are off.
  • I have no alliances, I have no allegiances, I don't care. Everybody's equal. They are all ready to die.
  • I never won an individual immunity challenge, never once, so maybe, maybe it’s high time that Johnny did and stick it right in their damn faces, stick it in their faces and I'd say for once after three times I can win an individual immunity.
  • I don’t even know what to say about that challenge. Maybe that was the best thing I ever did in my life!
  • This is awesome.

Jeff Kent:

  • I gave up a lot of power and authority when I voted with Tandang tonight, but that's how I'm gonna work myself to the top. I'm gonna use Tandang against themselves, use every ressource that I can. See where it goes from there.
  • Pete, Artis and Abi are all a team thinking that they're running the game. It would be fine to break that up.
  • Lisa, she’s so na├»ve and so soft and so nice, but we might be able to jump on board with each other, maybe you know carry this thing into a flip scenario where we flip ourselves from the bottom to the top.

Lisa Whelchel:

  • Everybody is so galvanized against Penner because they really don't want returning players having a second chance. And they feel very strongly that they want Penner and Skupin gone first and second.
  • For my game, I want to stay with Tandang, but I have no qualms about making this battle to win a million dollars a little easier if it’s within my power.
  • Once Penner and Skupin's gone, Jeff, Carter, Denise, Malcolm and I will then target the three that everobody doesn’t like. Which would be Artis, Pete and Abi.
  • Cetainly the idea of battling it out at the end with four other worthy opponents is such a noble choice, but I am discovering that I am not just trying to get to the final five, I’m trying to win, which means I first need to get to the final three with as many people that aren’t gonna get more votes than me as possible. I mean That’s just how you get ahead.
  • The same rules don’t apply in the game of Survivor as they do in real life.
  • I anticipate that after Penner goes home, someone's gonna wake up and realize that this is the time to do a five-four alliance.
  • It makes much more sense to me and Skupin to go to the end with Abi and Artis and Pete, because they have made so many enemies and they have made so many hot head emotional moves that have ticked people off.
  • I have a plan that assures him that he does not need to scramble and make alliances with somebody else that is gonna promise him the world because I am gonna promise him the universe.

Artis Silvester:

  • Oh man! I wanted that reward, but on the flip side, I'm out here for the million dollars, I'm still in the game, I've been eating beans and rice for twenty one days. Beans and rice for nineteen more days not a problem for me.

Pete Yurkowski:

  • Abi’s got a big mouth. When Abi leaks information, that’s very dangerous. So, it's like the puppy you have to take care of.
  • Abi is kind of immature. She thinks that everybody is out to get her and I wish I could vote her out but I know if she's in the final three, she’s not getting any votes.
  • This whole entire plan of getting rid of Malcolm and this information of him having the idol. I got completely blindsided by that, because I actually kinda trusted Malcolm.
  • This plan right now is Lisa’s plan. Is it a good plan? Is it a plan that's actually going to be effective because Malcolm does have an idol and Malcolm is playing two sides? I don’t know.
  • Malcolm freaked out. I mean that right there was enough of a reaction to just kinda know, to look in his soul and know that he doesn’t have the idol. So, I don’t really know what Lisa is trying to pull here.
  • Playing the mastermind role is definitely very hard work. It's not easy and you never really know you're the mastermind. It’s just right before tribal when you really figure out that do you really have everybody and if it’s solid.

Denise Stapley:

  • They are a pretty positive group that has meshed together well. It was nice to be with them.
  • Every crack is an opportunity.

Malcolm Freberg:

  • There is a bit of the good versus evil dynamics in the tribe right now. The evil three being Artis, Abi and Pete, and the rest of the tribe considers themselves the good guys!
  • It’s something that Penner's trying to take advantage of right now, to turn the vote against one of the three instead of himself.
  • Going into the immunity challenge, all anyone's talking about was "Don’t let Jonathan Penner win immunity." Of course, Murphy’s law states that has to happen so I don’t know why I am so surprised that Jonathan Penner won immunity today. It just threw everyone’s plans for a loop and now we have to do a little baby scramble back in the camp to figure out who we are going to get rid of instead of Penner.
  • Pete confronts me about the idol, and my first thought is lie, lie, lie, lie but already my heart is in my stomach because if there's rumors out there, it’s gonna come out eventually that I do have the thing.
  • Just to clear the air, there's way too much chaos and I'm not going home, so this thing is getting played, it's for the target on my back, I'm not dealing with it anymore, and if anybody's jumped on Lisa's boat, decides to vote for me, you might be into a mean surprise in a second.

Mike Skupin:

  • Lisa is now in this game to win it, which is great because she is my closest ally out here.
  • A lot will depend on who wins immunity. The only way to be safe is to win it. And so, You're gonna see a dog fight out there today.

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