Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Lord Probst

Thanks to Russell, I have finally googled for a tutorial on how to convert a video to an animated gif and I have uploaded my first YouTube video ever. Thank you Russell for giving me enough motivations to improve my nerdy skills.

So Matsing tribe lost again, what a huge surprise.

Russell Swan Breaking the Rice Pot in Survivor
No Russell, That's not how you play the Challenge.
No wonder you keep losing.

Sarah Dawson and Jonathan Penner
And if you're still wondering why I'm a Penner's fan? Simply because I always loved how Penner annoys the opposing tribe and is super funny, sarcastic and one of the few that can actually make me laugh.
Oh Dawson is there in pink *drools*

Russell Swan talking to God
"Lord I don't know what happened, You gave me another opportunity, I don't get what's happening Father"
No Tandang don't cry, it's the other tribe that lost!

I didn't know how to express the below with a pic, so I advise you to watch the video, listen carefully, and then start worshiping the Lord.

Russell Swan Speech in the challenge after losing
"I'm a guy who was formed by God's hands, a perfect creature"
And if losing four times in a row wasn't enough, now whatever is left of the Matsing tribe have to endure the Russell-after-losing humiliation speech.

Russell Swan and Denise Stapley
"I got jumped by two kids, I was probably about eight, I was walking home from school, and you know I got beat up, but beat up as little kids get beat up, it wasn't like a grown man...."

Denise Stapley

Russell Swan Voted Out
Lord Probst has spoken!
Farewell Russell :(

And one more Russell Swan for the memories:

Survivor Russell Swan throwing the piece of puzzle

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