Friday, October 19, 2012

The Adventure of Sarah Dawson

Most of the Survivor contestants apply for Survivor to win the million dollars, for a new experience or for just being fans of the show.

But not for Dawson, Dawson had a completely different mission.

Sarah Dawson Secret Scene
First time Dawson met him, he was everything she ever wanted.
"I said no you're not F*cking Jeff Probst, I think about F*cking Jeff Probst, but you shouldn't do that cause that would be awkward."

Sarah Dawson Shoes
She knew he was far from her reach, but she refused to give up.
She decided to go after her dreams and make them come true.
"I went to the store and I bought the brightest most obnoxious pair of shoes that are filthy right now that I could find."

Sarah Dawson Bikini
But shoes were not enough. The pink Bikini was the secret weapon. An attractive weapon, something irresistible, something that will make a man drool and say "Sexy".

Sarah Dawson Jeff Kent
Dawson spent ages doing her homework and reading people.
"I used to spend time with a guy who is really is into baseball and I know who Jeff Kent is."

Sarah Dawson Jeff Kent
Dawson learned the art of teasing.
"What do you consider an athlete?" Dawson: "Football... Basketball... Then I guess at the end maybe Baseball"
She practiced on Jeff but it wasn't the Jeff she wanted. Deep inside she knows that the Jeff she wants will be a harder task.

Sarah Dawson Warrior
Dawson became a fearless warrior.

Sarah Dawson Abi Maria
But the adventure will never be completed without some blonde hair souvenir to take back home.

Sarah Dawson Jeff in camp
Dawson was finally ready, but the time was not yet right.
"And out of nowhere, Jeff Probst is in my camp, which is you know typically I jumped up and down and maybe jump on him but just wasn't good timing so you know he was there for Dana."

Sarah Dawson Tribal Council
As the days went by, she was readier than ever.
"It's definitely a bitter sweet, we love to see you but it sucks having to vote someone else."

Sarah Dawson Voted out
The knight on the white horse is there. Everything that she dreamed of and worked for is right in front of her.
Suddenly everything goes blank, Dawson doesn't care about being voted out, she doesn't care that the game is over.
Her body is shaking, eyes are glowing, mouth is dry, heart rate are quicker, palms are sweating, stomach full of butterflies, legs are trembling and knees are weak.
Cameras rolling or not. She wants him! This is it, the lifetime opportunity, take it or leave it!

Sarah Dawson Jeff Probst
Jeff Probst is a tough guy. He's never scared. But he can feel it coming.
For the first time ever, he takes two steps back.

Sarah Dawson Jeff Probst Scared
His mind wants to run away, but his legs are not moving fast enough.

Sarah Dawson Kissing Jeff Probst
Dawson realizing this is her only chance, her only opportunity.
Like a lion attacking their prey, Dawson quickly walked toward Probst and grabbed him, squeezed his body against hers and gave him one big wet kiss on his right cheek.
He's the one, he's the only one, he's hers, finally all hers.

Sarah Dawson Kissing Jeff Probst
The dream has come true, everything that she ever dreamed of is finally real.
Dawson might have not won the game, but suddenly she's a millionaire no matter how you look at it.

Farewell Dawson :(
We already miss you


  1. This is so awesome!!! I love the narrations! I just wish I hadn't given him the death stare before the hug! Thanks for the video, wish I had gone further in the game!

    1. OMG, Dawson is reading my website!

      This was a great moment, I literally laughed for 5 minutes.

      I wish you weren't voted out as well :(

      I wanted more Dawson time, you're very funny.

  2. I had that feeling that something was happening when she talked Jeff's visit to the camp but didn't see any of the other signs you spotted. And now everything seems so obvious that I feel I should watch it again! Great post,thanks!