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Survivor Philippines Episode 6 - Quotes

Survivor Episode Six Quotes

Katie Hanson:

  • I am totally worried because I don't have my girls anymore to help me out, so I'm in the bottom of the totem pole now and I gotta be able to find my way out of it.
  • In this game it's every single man for himself, and if that means planting seeds in people's heads. I mean I gotta do what I gotta do.
  • If I can get rid of Jonathan, that's gonna keep me here at least through the merge, and I intend of making that happen.
  • That rice gave you immediate energy, but now it's gone and we're trying to stay positive "oh we got plenty of food, we got plenty of food". No we don't.
  • When I went over to the three guys, right away, without even me asking, Penner is like it's Denise it's Denise. And right away I'm thinking he's feeding me a big one of B.S. and I'm not buying it.

Pete Yurkowski:

  • We haven't really had much to eat specially since Mike decided to eat all of our rice ressource by eating it dry. He thinks it cooks in your body because it's pretty close to a hundred degrees, so Mike makes horrible decisions, he's the most useless player that's ever been returned to Survivor and he needs to go home.

Artis Silvester:

  • We got no food cause of Mike, I consider us Tandang plus one, and Mike's the one. And right now, with us getting Malcolm, Mike has become expandable.
  • You don't wanna hear what I got to say about it. What I wanna do, I wanna win. I don't wanna give up nothing, and you can keep all of that mess to yourself, I don't need to hear it.
  • It feels brutal that Kalabaw is enjoying the reward that we should of have and we're back here fighting for survival.
  • What really bothers me is we had a member of our tribe making decisions for our tribe who has done absolutely nothing for our tribe. And RC, "Yay Mike, yeah!" I was like Shut the... Shut up. It's not a good deal.

Mike Skupin:

  • Just from a strategic standpoint, let's take the food and go.

Jonathan Penner:

  • We came in determine to win and I think this was a win, we were able to walk away with this victory meal, these beautiful letters from home. We're gonna be strong going into the immunity challenge which is really the important challenge. 
  • The deprivation just doesn't affect me the way it affects some of these young players.
  • If we continue to lose, we are really screwed.
  • To win this game, I'm gonna have to make big moves, only out of desperation, you know that's what happens, if you're down numbers your back starts to get put against the wall. 
  • Honestly, It's been an extraordinarily drama-free zone and if there's gonna be a blindside, it's because it's just easier to let the person go and hopefully they will understand, it's not personal, it's strictly so that we can move forward and move further.

Jeff Kent:

  • It was a great moment to see all that food on the table, but the fact that we just don't have rice is probably gonna wear on us in a couple of days.
  • In the middle of that, we realized that on table off the side there are little envelopes with our names on them.
  • Penner and I have an alliance, but I'm still on the fence right now, I still don't know which way I'm gonna jump.
  • I've come in this game knowing I'm gonna have to lie and knowing that I'm gonna have to jeopardize my integrity and character, I’m still weighing my options. All of them have to do with furthering myself in this game.
  • You don’t know whether you’re gonna strike out or hit a home run, but you go up to the plate to swing the bat.
  • This game sucks, Jeff.

Carter Williams:

  • We're so far from reality out here that when we get a little glimpse of it, just hit in a place that we're not used to.
  • In all honesty I didn't like the deal we came up with, cause we got no guarantee of food at the moment.
  • Jonathan is very confident that we can get fish but to me it was a pretty risky deal, it just really makes me nervous.
  • I think going into a merge with Penner might be a good idea, because if we go in with him, eyes are gonna be on him not on me and Jeff, because nobody wants a returning player to win.
  • Penner, What do you want to do? Katie or Penner? I mean Katie or Denise?

Denise Stapley:

  • Coming at this reward, it's motivational fuel, it's emotional fuel, that makes any rice that we gave up totally worth it.

Abi-Maria Gomes:

  • We gave up a reward, we didn't fight for it, and I doubt Kalabaw would give us all of their rice without having a plan B, they have a boat and they have a spear, they can go out there fishing, they are not stupid. Kalabaw totally used psychology and it worked.

Roberta "RC" Saint Amour:

  • We never come back from a challenge and are happy, but in the Survivor world, you sort of have to swallow your pride and do things that you normally don't do. But this is just nasty.
  • Artis, Pete and Abi are very nasty and angry and they're cruel, but they have the upper hand. So my strategy is to let Abi blow up constantly and me just fly under the radar, but she's like this Brazilian bomb that's about to blow up any second.

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