Thursday, October 11, 2012

Survivor Philippines - Episode 4 - Secret Scenes

It Was Too Close
Jeff Kent talking about the come from behind victory at the immunity challenge.

Big Ball Of Emotion
Russell Swan talking about smashing the pot after the challenge

I Don't Know What's Going On
RC talking about Abi Maria and wondering why she's mad at her.

I Know What’s Up
Abi-Maria explaining why she's mad at RC

Rest and Prepare
Malcolm explaining his plans.

It Was A Lot Of Fun
Artis is happy of his performance

Russell Has A Short Fuse
Denise talking about Russell's attitude at the end of the immunity challenge

I Planted The Seed
Pete is happy about all the chaos he caused at camp.

Challenges, Rewards & Jonathan
Jeff Kent talking about the challenge and his alliance with Jonathan Penner

Jonathan’s Challenge Analysis
Penner talking about his tribe in the challenge

New Alliance With Jonathan
Carter talking about his alliance with Penner

Russell The Day After
Russell Swan talking about the game after being voted out

I’m Really Nervous
Denise nervous about Russell having the hidden immunity idol.

Play Both Sides
Lisa talking about RC and Abi-Maria's fight

Pros & Cons Of A Three-Person Tribe
Malcolm talking about the advantages and disadvantages of a small tribe.

My Heart Breaks For Matsing
Lisa feeling bad about Matsing constantly losing.

I Will Do What I Have To
Katie commenting on her tribe's status

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