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Survivor Philippines Episode 4 - Quotes

Survivor Philippines Quotes

Russell Swan:
  • My plan is with Denise and Malcolm to mount the greatest comeback that ever been seen. There is no quit in either one of them, there damn sure isn't gonna be quit for me, cause I know I was willing to die for this game last time I played it.
  • I have a clue to where the idol is hidden, and until my torch is snuffed I will be trying to find that idol because there's no question about it, I'm gonna probably need it.
  • The clue reads something like "somewhere" near your beach, it's right beneath your nose. The real frustrating part is I have a feeling that I've been like past this thing like a hundred million time, it's like right there, and then everybody's gonna see, there's gonna be like this flash on the screen and there gonna be like this dummy is walking past it, it just, it just sucks.
  • Same old crap, same old, Lord I don't' know what happened, you gave me another opportunity, I don't get what's happening Father, you have gotta help me understand this. I just can't take this.
  • I'm talking to God Lord, I mean Jeff.
  • I'm a guy who was formed by God's hands, a perfect creature, and as far as I'm concerned that's the way I'm supposed to live my life, in excellence, and everything I'm supposed to do is supposed to be excellent.
  • I got jumped by two kids, I was probably about eight, I was walking home from school, and you know I got beat up, but beat up as little kids get beat up, it wasn't like a grown man butt whooping where you end up in hospital, and I can remember for a long time after that I would go to school and I was scared because I would see them and they would tease and all that kind of stuff. So, long story short, I catch one of them, and without even thinking I just punched him right in his face and he started crying, and it was something about that. I don't condone violence, but it was something about just not being in fear. I think just from that day I was just like I'm not gonna coward in the face of anything.

Denise Stapley:
  • Having three people on the tribe you know at day nine, this is not what I've visioned at all.
  • At college I did have roommates, and we had three, and with three there is always one that's out.
  • Right now we're trying to get Russell to think that he's the swing or to think that he's comfortable so that if he does have a hidden immunity idol he doesn't play it.
  • Yes I'm a Midwesterner. Yes I have faith in human beings. I have to. That's what I hang onto. And if I get bamboozled tonight, it's not gonna shake my faith that these are two good guys. It'll tell me that, you know, I screwed up and they played the game better than me.

Malcolm Freberg:
  • I think we all put on brave faces for each other, Everyone's scared and everyone is a little bit nervous. But one win is all it's gonna take to turn the mood around camp. Just one win to know that it’s possible that we're not just destined for annihilation.
  • I think I sized Russ up pretty good right off the bat, he's met my low expectations the entire way through. He's been foisted twice now into a position of leadership, and it worked out once in Samoa for him, I mean you know until he collapsed. You can tell watching him that he lacks self-awareness from day one, and It's apparent in challenges. It's apparent in the way he talks to us around camp. It's apparent when he loses his cool at Tribal for no reason. He's still here only because we're doing so badly and we need muscle mass.
  • So me and Denise through all of his stuff in the shelter, I mean I've no shame out here, if you have an idol I want to know about it, I want as many variables in my control as possible, it wasn't in his cloth, wasn't in his shoes, wasn't in his bag, but there's no reason to take a risk, might as well just blindside him and you know leave no room for air.
  • I can say personally my lowest low was after the challenge today. My dog died a few years ago that I had all my life and I didn't cry. I was about ready to cry after the challenge. It hurts that much.
  • Tonight with only three and everyone telling everybody else that it's the other person. This could go anyway really and I like to think I'm sitting in the controlling seat.

Roberta "RC" Saint Amour:
  • I have no idea what happened with the clue, I certainly didn't put it there, but because this popped out, I'm a little wary of my place right now in the tribe.
  • Abi is irrational, I mean she's not a rational player, you don't know what she's thinking.
  • I'm worried about my place in the tribe because she clearly didn't want to talk to me about the hidden immunity clue.
  • I thought I had it locked out, I thought I had Abi as my number two, I thought I had Pete, I think I'm in danger if there's an immunity challenge and we lose.

Abi-Maria Gomes:
  • I was just starring at the raft to where we sleep and then I saw little piece of paper sticking out, it's the clue that RC and I have safely been guarding.
  • She has no idea that I found the hidden immunity idol, but I don't feel bad, because me finding that clue proved to me that she wasn't a hundred percent honest to me at all.

Pete Yurkowski:
  • I feel like I'm in a very very very good position in this game and I plan on creating a lot of chaos out here, and any chaos I create is gonna be beneficial to me.
  • RC didn't do anything, I was the one who put it there. (About the clue)
  • This couldn't have gone any better, this is amazing, I think it's hilarious. All you have to do is create a little chaos because keeping people on their toes is a big part of my strategy. I don't want anybody to be able to play their game, I want them to play my game.
  • I would love to send RC home right now, I don't trust RC as far as I can throw her, she's dangerous, but she has one big problem. I'm here.

Lisa Whelchel:
  • You have nothing to do out here but think about different scenarios and how they might go, specially when it's raining non-stop.
  • More of my energy is gonna go into just blowing a little oxygen on some fire over here and let them flame out, for me so that I don't have to be the one that takes the heat.

Mike Skupin:
  • You ready Magnesium boy?

Jonathan Penner:
  • The rain was really debilitating, But when the sun comes out man and you find yourself in a tropical paradise.
  • It's as big as your head man. (To Carter about the clam)
  • Jeff and I actually like each other, and he's a hell of a competitor, he's a really nice guy, he and I are prepared to be loyal to each other deep in the game. Having him on my side at least for the time being will make us both pretty pretty powerful, and it's exciting, it's exciting to have a real ally. I think I do.

Jeff Kent:
  • We've got a really young group of kids that aren't married, that don't know how to carry a professional conversation. Jonathan can do that and he's trying. The guy is trying.
  • From the get go when we had Jonathan on our raft. I've always had an idea that it doesn't matter if it's Russell or Jonathan or Skupin, I didn't want a veteran to win this game, but I've got to adapt, Jonathan has the idol now and I want to get further in this game, so we're gonna have to make some adjustments.

Carter Williams:
  • It's kinda crazy because I decided that Jonathan is no longer a target of mine but somebody that I was gonna work with and try to get to the top five with him and then target him.
  • The girls for all I can tell are on the chopping block.

Sarah Dawson:
  • At the beginning of the game there was our five person alliance of the brand new castaways and there was Jonathan on the other end and we were kinda working to get him out.

Dana Lambert:
  • I think women actually feel comfortable around each other. As the game progresses I think that the sex starts to split a little.

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