Thursday, October 4, 2012

Survivor Philippines - Episode 3 - Secret Scenes

I Act Without Thinking

Mike Skupin talking about breaking the mask in the water

The Winningest Tribe

Dawson happy about her tribe winning

The Challenges Are Great

Carter happy about winning the challenge again.

Angie The Day After

Angie Layton talking about her time in the game and experience

I’m A Snake In The Grass

Pete talking about breaking up his alliance and about his real plan.

Secret Scene: Angie

Angie talking about how she hates eating snails (Yep she wants cookies instead)

It’s A Huge Score

Abi-Maria about her plans for the hidden immunity idol

It Hit Me Hard Today

Malcolm frustrated about losing again

Going With Peter’s Plan

Lisa explains why she likes Pete's plan and want to join in.

I Didn’t Want Kalabaw To Win

Artis wanted to win first place instead of Kalabaw

We Won A Huge Reward

Dana talking about the challenge and winning

Jeff Is A Smart Guy

Penner talking about Jeff Kent and about why he told him he has the idol

Survivor Is A Learning Curve

Jonathan Penner admitting that life on survivor is not easy

I Want To Be Here

Angie doesn't want to leave the game and will keep fighting.

Abi Makes Me Nervous

RC doesn't trust her alliance with Abi.

We Carried The Challenge

Denise upset about Russell and Angie for not helping as much in the challenge.

I Just Want To Win One

Russell Swan just wants to win one

I Love Skupin

RC talking about the good and bad things of Mike Skupin.

Handshakes Don’t Mean Squat

Jeff Kent talking about his handshake with Jonathan Penner

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