Thursday, October 4, 2012

Oh Yes, There will be blood!

It seems that everything that Michael Skupin touches or interacts with makes him bleed. 
I mean I totally understand Mike getting cut by a machete or cutting his foot while walking the beach, but it seems to happen more than once, more like countless times.

But what I don't get is, how can you hurt yourself with a diving mask, Artis used it, Pete used it, RC used it after it was broken, none of them were bleeding. Yet somehow the moment Mike put it on, the mask exploded (I don't wanna say broke) and he started bleeding and bleeding and bleeding and bleeding.

Mike Skupin Diving
Skupin diving with the mask, everything looking normal.

Mike Skupin survivor
Mike gets out of the water.
Now someone tells me what the hell happened to the mask's eye cover. It looks all shattered.

Mike SKupin bleeding
Skupin bleeding after getting out of water.
Well, it's not a good episode if Skupin doesn't bleed.
Mike Skupin Bleeding
Skupin still bleeding after a while
Michael Skupin
Skupin diving back while still bleeding!
Looking like a zombie from Resident Evil

Mike Skupin Bleeding while looking at RC
Challenge is over and Skupin still bleeding.
Yo babe, wanna taste my blood?

Mike Skupin bleeding after challenge
Mike back to camp and still bleeding!

Immunity Challenge Fishing Kit Reward
Tandang won a small fishing kit from the challenge.
I just can't wait for the next episode to see Mike using that kit and getting injured.

Mike Skupin reminds me of John (Jigsaw) from the movie Saw who once said:
Oh Yes! There will be blood!

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