Saturday, September 1, 2012

Richard Hatch Famous Quotes

I've got the million-dollar check written already, I mean I'm the winner. It's that kind of cocky attitude that makes people really hate your guts. So, that's the kind of thing I have to keep under wraps.

  • I'm good to go survivor wise, people wise it will be a little more challenging.
  • Catching fish makes people happy, but that's not the reason they're voting me here. They're not voting me off because I'm not letting them.
  • Rudy and I, it's an interesting dynamic, because if he knew I were gay, that would be probably really difficult for him I think, seventy two years old, navy vet, I think it would just freak him, but he doesn't as far as I know know that, and I think he feels comfortable talking to me.
  • As people get to know me, they learn who I am, and then eventually over time find out I'm gay, I never once in my life encountered a prejudice based on my being homosexual.
  • Nobody is gonna tell me what not to do or what not to talk about.
  • I think I'm gonna handle this by beginning to develop alliances with some folks, to ensure that I'm moving to the next round.
  • So the alliances have began, and I didn't have to do much about it.
  • It's funny when I hear how come you're naked all the time, I'm naked less than once percent of the time, I'd like to be naked all the time, that would be smarter in this hundred degree weather.
  • I don't think somebody is in control of our group in particular, I think I'm in control of who's being voted off and I think that's all it matters to me.
  • When we merge tonight, I think it will be interesting.
  • I consider myself extraordinarily ethical and morale.
  • When you have a host like Jeff whose as bold as to ask, well so Sue tell me is there an alliance?
  • Now people are talking about planning and plotting and strategy, it's just so funny, so utterly utterly utterly naive, that there would be any room left to plot or strategize now.
  • For me this maintaining some kind of a thumb on all of these different people's personalities that I care little about is exhausting.
  • Hopefully the people who watched the show will see somebody who's kinda knowing what he was looking for from the beginning and kind of worked toward his goal as ethically as he could do it.
  • I was really shocked in the beginning by how few people were planning, it seemed a vacation to sixteen people who were told what this is about, who saw the logo, that said outwit outplay outlast, same as I did.
  • It doesn't mean I'm giving up a million dollars necessarly, it means that whoever is immune has to pick between the other two people as to who goes to the jury, each of them could fifty fifty pick me.
  • I really want the million, oh my God it would change my life.
  • People are a little paranoid and that's a good, good state to have them in. Suppose I ought to be as well, but...
  • Yeah I think could start a fire without even blinking. But they don't need to know that. But I have no interest in trying. Look at how skinny they all are. They'll be dying in no time. I'm fine. I'm not even hungry. I'm playing that one by ear. They could think I'm cocky and arrogant and think I could last the whole game. Hmm Imagine that.
  • One two, gone, who are they? uhhh
  • Holy crap, that thing kinda blew me out of the water, big targets on the winners, except me, no big target on me, heh we will see.
  • Anybody looking would think of today as a huge given that we got water and fire and a key to the trunk. That's all extraneous crap to me, that's not survivor, the game is all into the personal stuff.
  • You bring a fish, you get some smiles.
  • I let the head part go for a second.. Shark bite!
  • I need to be the provider, they are just loving me right now, and it's good, he bit me, I ate him! (about the shark)
  • I can sit around and do absolutely nothing, and they're just thrilled that I'm there to provide them fish.
  • He got a fish, I'm the only one that's supposed to get fish. I have to fix that, I have to bring twelve now.
  • How dare you approach somebody to get rid of me. You must go bye bye now. So... Colby has to go home.
  • Of course you know I have no target on my back. (Joking To Jeff Probst in tribal council)
  • I've been bamboozled!

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