Friday, September 21, 2012

Mike Skupin Injuries

If it wasn't sad enough to see Michael Skupin evacuated from Survivor The Australian Outback, it seems that injuries and cuts are always chasing him, or as RC (which btw I think is pretty hot) said: "He doesn't care about injuries. But I think he thinks he's superman."

Mike Skupin Hand Cut
"It's just nothing"

Mike Skupin Head Chop
"It doesn't hurt"

Mike Skupin Foot Cut
"I just have a cut on my foot"

RC Saint Armour
Meanwhile RC is thinking that Mike is like a baby and she should take care of him.. Poor Kid!

Mike Skupin explaining
"I'm cut, I have ripped skin, I chopped my head off"

 But that wasn't enough...

"It's a small cut"

Pete Yurkowski
"Mike's a complete mess. It's not funny that he gets hurt, but it's funny that it happens over and over again. I mean we really haven't got to any situations where he can seriously get injured but I mean we'll see when we have fire what happens."

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