Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Survivor Philippines - They are back!

Finally CBS announced the three returning castaways that were evacuated from the game.

The three returning survivors are as predicted:

Russell Swan

Survivor Russell SwanAlso known as Big Russell was a castaway in Survivor - Samoa, Russell was the leader of his tribe, he was very smart and physical. His hard work was his demise, specially after he decided to work all day long before a challenge, and then during the challenge giving everything he has, he eventually passed out due to low blood pressure and dehydration and was evacuated from the game.

Michael Skupin

Survivor Michael SkupinGoing all the way back to season two in 2001 - The Australian Outback, Mike Skupin was dominating in the game, he literally was able to hunt a wild pig, he's an outdoor man, he was a very good physical assets to his tribe and he was a leader to his tribe. Mike Skupin eventually passed out and fell in the camp fire, his skin was all burnt and he was forced to leave  the game.

Jonathan Penner

Survivor Jonathan PennerTwo times survivor player, first appeared in Survivor - Cook Islands where he stole a chicken of the other tribe on day one, then turning on his alliance in a less than a ten seconds decision, then re-joining that alliance and voting off the other one. In Survivor - Micronesia, Jonathan was playing a very good game but was evacuated due to a leg injury.

Personally, I can't wait to watch this season, I have a great feeling that it's gonna be a great season. Not only that the three previously evacuated players are coming back, but also, some of the castaways are actually TV stars. For example Lisa Whelchel, a former TV Teen Star and Jeff Kent a Major League Baseball Player.

Check what each of the returning survivor had to say:

Russell Swan:


Michael Skupin:


Jonathan Penner:

You can also check the videos when the three survivors were evacuated in their season.

Russell Swan:

Michael Skupin:

Jonnathan Penner:

The entire list of the castaways of Survivor Philippines can be found in here:

Let us know what you think of the new season!

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